Will The Running Back Rotation Continue?

September 4th, 2009

Last week, hire of the year Jeff Jagodzinski and Raheem The Dream rolled out a rotation plan for their running backs that Joe never thought would stick.

Some sort of endless series-by-series rotation (2-2-1) of three backs, including Cadillac Williams. All that talk of rotation reminded Joe of Jerry Tarkanian’s amoeba zone defense.

Now Joe wonders whether this unrealistic plan is even on the table.

With Greg Olson in at offensive coordinator, and the Bucs touting his play-calling experience with the 2006 Rams, Joe took a look back at those Rams.

Olson used Stephen Jackson that year as a workhorse, grinding him out for 21 carries a game and 90 receptions in the Rams’ pass-heavy offense.

First, Joe wonders whether Olson — a Chucky guy and a quarterbacks guy — is as locked into the run-heavy philosophy as Jagodzinski and Raheem The Dream. And Joe wonders whether Olson might be much more tempted to ride Earnest Graham or Derrick Ward as a feature back and see if he can get one of them hot on the ground and catching balls out of the backfield. They do both extremely well.

Tonight Kareem Huggins should get nearly all the carries with the starters taking most of the night off.

No answers til opening day.

4 Responses to “Will The Running Back Rotation Continue?”

  1. Jerry Says:

    There seems to be alot more questions than answers lately…

  2. Charkh Says:

    I’m not as concerned about the running back rotation. While Olson was wiith the Rams, Steven Jackson was backed up by an aging Stephen Davis who had dismal YPC numbers in previous years. The Bucs have 2 RBs with starting experience and a third coming off a 1000 yard, 5.6 YPC season. I know Joe is aware of the qualifications of our running backs, so I just want to stress that the Rams did not have that luxury in 2006. Also, in 2006, Running Back tandems were just becoming popular. Now it’s the generally accepted theory and the single workhorse back is the rarity. Our stable favors a rotation and Olson would be stupid not to use one.

  3. Your an Idiot, your an idiot! Says:

    I agree with Charkh…

    They would be foolish not to use this insanely talented backfield…

  4. kyle Says:

    You have to play the hot guy. Far as I can see the NFC hasn’t figured out Ward and he’s only here for two years. Ride that horse.