What’s Really Behind Leftwich’s Benching?

September 29th, 2009

Yesterday, Joe watched Raheem the Dream’s press conference when he dropped the bomb that Byron Leftwich would be dropped from the starting lineup, all the way to third string.

Joe heard Raheem the Dream say a number of times the horrid loss to the Giants was not all Leftwich’s fault. Oddly enough just minutes after the loss Sunday, Raheem the Dream said if changes were to be made it would not start with Leftwich.

Monday in the early evening, Joe was running errands when again he heard Raheem the Dream on his weekly radio show, locally broadcast on WDAE-AM 620, talk almost non-stop that Leftwich cannot be blamed for the loss: that Leftwich was not the man who missed countless blocks; was not the man who missed countless tackles; was not the man who dropped too many passes to count.

So if Raheem the Dream was so adamant that Leftwich was not the culprit with the Bucs nightmarish defeat at the hands of the Giants, why exactly was he benching him? It’s not as if Leftwich wasn’t productive prior to Sunday (look at the numbers the Bucs offense put up in the first two games — nasty losses each).

So Leftwich has one bad game (he was hardly alone Sunday) and he gets all but booted out of One Buc Palace?

Hearing Raheem the Dream absolve Leftwich so often, it’s not unlike when Joe experiences a salesman trying too hard to sell. Joe’s antennae immediately spring to action.

Slightly over a month ago Raheem the Dream delayed naming Leftwich the starting quarterback because certain factions within the Bucs front office (that allegedly went all the way to the top) wanted Luke McCown to start.

Hearing Raheem the Dream lay it on thick yesterday, sparing Leftwich of any guilt for the loss (yet demoting him not just to backup but to third string), Joe couldn’t help but think someone with significant influence was more than mildly suggesting to Raheem the Dream to put Leftwich’s posterior on the pine.

11 Responses to “What’s Really Behind Leftwich’s Benching?”

  1. Pete Says:

    Well God bless whoever! I grow tired of even watching leftwich or seeing his picture anymore.

  2. james from dunedin Says:

    Any good will the Glazers had left in this community is quickly evaporating. Bucs fans are paying for MU with the increase in tickets and parking, but the Bucs are still 30 million under the cap. Now their money is spread too thin and its become painfully obvious to everyone.

  3. Bucsfan5 Says:

    Even though the offense put up yards in the first 2 games, there were stretches where Leftwich was ultimately ineffective along with the rest of the offense (2nd half of both Cowboys/Bills games come to mind). I think at this rate the offense needs some kind of spark to be consistent, will this do it? Probably not, but what’s the worst Josh Johnson is gonna do? Lose a game (or few)? We’re already 0-3.

    He gives a LOT more mobility in a pocket that’s looked more confused than the entire defensive unit since Faine went down with an injury. I also think Johnson is a bit more accurate than Leftwich as he has a better touch on his passes, rather than Leftwich’s “karate action” wind up.

    Here’s hoping today they announce the benching of Gaines Adams, which is a year overdue. In his 3 years I think sunday I saw the worst play of his career, he ran toward a Giants lineman, then stopped, and spontaneously ran a stunt all the way around the other side of the defensive line as to say “come catch me”, I’m pretty sure Jim Bates didn’t dial up a “delayed” stunt for him that took him from RE all the way around the LE.

  4. CyberDilemma Says:

    Read between the lines. Morris is saying it is not all Leftwich’s fault but he is also admitting that the mistakes are pretty much across the board. He is basically saying this is not a good team. Thus, why waste anymore time on a placeholder QB. Time to get the young guys in there to start building for the future, beginning with the 1st one that has earned the opportunity, JJ. If JJ succeeds, then Freeman will have to take the job from him. Nothing should be given.

  5. Joe Says:

    In his 3 years I think sunday I saw the worst play of his career, he ran toward a Giants lineman, then stopped, and spontaneously ran a stunt all the way around the other side of the defensive line as to say “come catch me”, I’m pretty sure Jim Bates didn’t dial up a “delayed” stunt for him that took him from RE all the way around the LE.


    That is Gaines Adams’ only move: run around people.

  6. Mr. Lucky Says:

    the boss gets what the boss wants…

  7. RastaMon Says:

    He sucks

  8. Bucsfan5 Says:

    Lol I know Joe, but at least he normally tries to run around their outside shoulder, not hope he loses them in the traffic of the offensive/defensive players in the trenches. I’ve listened to Ian on the Ron & Ian show talk about Gaines needing some dog in him, he plays with the heart of a newborn. I’m certain my 6 year old daughter could handle him.

  9. Pete Says:

    “rather than Leftwich’s “karate action” wind up. ” – LOl

    If he came with the kung-fu grip he might be worth keeping!

  10. Paul Says:

    You guys are over analyzing this. Just fire the coach and bring in a good competent staff. This season is over as long as Raheem is the coach. This coach does not garner any confidence from his players, other NFL coaches and players, owners, and definitely most of the fans. This will not change until you start with real football personnel qualified to run an NFL franchise. The Glazers put a quality assurance personnel to become the CEO, I have no clue why other than cost cutting. But this debacle will cost them more with lower attendance and merchandize revenue. The Bucs have enough talent to play competitively in this league and likely win several games. Why do I believe this. This team with a majority of the same players had previously winning records in the last two seasons and earned a playoff berth. The main difference is a new coaching staff led by an incompetent coach.

  11. Bucsfan5 Says:

    I dunno if the kung fu grip would help him any Pete lol.

    And Paul, you may be right regarding the over analyzing. But while Raheem does seem to be in over his head right now (The flip flopping decisions suggest so), I don’t think it’s fair to axe him 3 games in. Lets be honest, Raheem inherited a team in transition after last season. We may not want to admit that, as we were 1 win away from being a playoff team but we knew Monte was leaving to join his son Lane, we had an old QB in Jeff Garcia, and the defense was sluggish for the 2nd half of the season (See Kansas City game).

    Raheem tried to inject youth amongst the defense but so far with the exception of [some of] the Dallas game an spots against the Bills the defense has looked what it is, inexperienced and lacking intensity. And right now we’re still trying to play a system with players that may or may not fit it.

    Offensively we were suppose to be a run oriented team with Luke McCown, wait scratch that Byron Leftwich, as our starting QB. So far we’ve passed the ball far more than ran, and that’s with a QB who I’m sure has feet made of cement. This was gonna be a rebuilding year regardless, but Raheem and Dominicks reluctance to admit that has brought them under fire.

    We also have to look at the Glazers boys (Yes the sons, I’m primarily pointing the finger at them, since Big Poppa Glazer doesn’t dip his hands in the team much anymore if at all), since the purchase of Man U they have appeared to just lose interest in this team, almost siphoning money from this organization to support their growing debt in Man U.

    Like Joe says, just get you some Caybrews kick back an take it for what it is, a rebuilding year (or two).