“The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Are On The Clock”

September 9th, 2009

Joe does a considerable amount of trashing BSPN. The four-letter outfit gives him ample ammunition. After all, Joe is a sportsaholic and for an outfit to chase away Joe, it has to really try.

And BSPN has done just that. Joe finds SI.com to be far superior in so many ways. Joe just doesn’t give a damn about the Yankees, Red Sox, Cowboys, Patriots, LUH-bron, ko-BEE, Duke or North Carolina.

Joe has been so conditioned to expect the aforementioned tripe when happening upon any of the BSPN properties, he surfs over BSPN from January through September. As a result, Joe misses a lot of good college basketball.

With the NFL Network, MLB Network, NHL Network, NFL Sunday Ticket, MLB Extra Innings and NHL Center Ice and broadband internet, why does Joe need BSPN? He doesn’t. Just this past weekend, in order to watch college football, was the first time Joe returned to the four-letter in months.

(Joe must confess that ESPN’s coverage of college football is superior and it saddens Joe a great deal that the four-letter can’t cover other sports with the passion, reverence and respect it does with college football.)

SI.com is another story. Joe is not inundated with the same eight subjects over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Additionally, Joe finds many of SI.com’s writers to be far superior than the schlock thrown at Joe from the four-letter.

But even SI.com is not perfect, like BSPN, not many think much of the Bucs. In fact two of its NFL columnists not only think the Bucs will finish the season in the NFC South basement, but that the Bucs will hear NFL warden commissioner Roger Goodell utter the haunting words, “The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are on the clock.”

The two columnists in question are Ross Tucker and Dominic Bonvissuto. Both think the Bucs will have the NFL’s worst record.

Joe gives Porter much more weight than Bonvissuto. Tucker is a former NFL player; not that his resume gives him a complete pass. Tucker had this to say about the Bucs:

The talent base is way down on this roster from recent years, Leftwich will give way to a green Josh Freeman early in the season, and the recent firing of their offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski proves all is not well in Tampa. They may be picking first in the 2010 NFL Draft.

Bonvissuto, who if Joe judged by just the name would guess he knows where to find a good pasta joint, sort of exposed himself, or his lack of knowledge about the Bucs, when he wrote:

A team in transition has some playmakers (Gaines Adams, Barrett Ruud, Kellen Winslow) but nowhere near the depth needed to be successful.

Gaines Adams a playmaker??? You mean like Michael Irvin?

Look, Joe isn’t exactly on the Bucs bandwagon, but if you are going to say the Bucs will be the worst team in the league in spite of Adams being a playmaker, well, you’ve got to do better than that!

3 Responses to ““The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Are On The Clock””

  1. JK Says:

    Joe, I’ve been a fan of the Bucs since 80. I hope the Bucs make liars of us all. It’s just too obvious what the Bucs are doing rebuilding and all. It’s all about money for the Glazers right now and nothing else. Don’t bash bspn for telling like they see it. Let’s see some action from the Bucs. Let’s see Mike Clayton lead the league in something other than his mouth. He got what he wanted. Gruden gone. A fat contract. Now let’s make him perform. Don’t forget. He wanted Gruden gone. When do you all knowing media types make him perform. Put some pressure on him for a change. He has been awful quiet. Why is that?

  2. Joe Says:


    BSPN has given Joe more ammunition to “bash” them than you can imagine. And it has little if anything to do with the Bucs.

  3. Mr. Lucky Says:

    So Joe – its Wednesday where is YOUR preseason prognostication?