THE PESSIMIST: Shame On Raheem

September 4th, 2009

Raheem Morris forgot about the thousands of fans sitting in Raymond James Stadium, and the tens of thousands watching at home.

Never forget the fans, Rah. You won’t score any points that way.

With just under two minutes left and the Texans taking over on downs on their own 4 yard line, the Bucs decided not to use any of their three timeouts to stop the clock and possibly get the ball back to win the game.

Raheem The Dream quit. No excuse.

What’s wrong Rah? Where’s your attention to detail?

He can’t say he didn’t want to get anyone hurt, when most of the guys on the field will be applying for bouncer gigs next week.

He hung the fans. THE PESSIMIST is booing him loudly.

One Response to “THE PESSIMIST: Shame On Raheem”

  1. grumpy4669 Says:

    Pessimist, I agree entirely with your comments, and so do a bunch of other fans that were at the game! None of us could figure out why we weren’t calling TO when he had the Texans pinned down inside the 10 yd line! My wife will be the first to tell you that my hating to lose EVER is irritating to her, you NEVER, EVER stop trying to WIN when you play! No excuse Raheem, ALWAYS go for the WIN!!!