The Honeymoon Is Over

September 29th, 2009

Bad enough the Bucs had the third-worst offensive output in team history two days ago. Given some of the steaming pile of mule dung teams that wore those Tang uniforms, that’s a chilling thought.

Seemingly moments after stomping his feet that any changes wouldn’t start with replacing Byron Leftwich, Raheem the Dream replaced Byron Leftwich.

That last move may have ended the honeymoon between Raheem the Dream and fans. Or at least the fourth estate.

The honeymoon seems to be over if Martin Fennelly’s latest missive is accurate. The Tampa Tribune humorist seemed to have taken a swipe at Raheem the Dream, suggesting maybe others are wondering whether Raheem the Dream is up to the task of rebuilding the Bucs.

Nothing surprises us anymore at One Knee-Jerk Place.

Raheem Morris and his team of experts spent more than 2.3 million meaningless man hours trying to decide between Byron Leftwich and Luke McCown. Cut to Monday.

“We’ll be going to Josh Johnson,” The Raheemster said.

The Bucs already are tired of Lefty’s leftovers. And they think Josh Freeman isn’t ready. We’re not so sure about the head coach, either.

A second-year player who just a couple of months ago was the fourth-string quarterback is now running the show. Freeman, the inevitable starter, moves up to No. 2.

Leave Leftwich, take the cannolis.

If Fennelly begins taking potshots at you, it’s safe to assume the training wheels have been removed from the Raheem the Dream lovemobile.

7 Responses to “The Honeymoon Is Over”

  1. phil Says:

    there was never a honeymoon with these fans. raheem never had a chance. im just hoping they win a game soon before one of you media members shoot yourself. its one thing to be negative, but you guys are just plain miserable. when your own gm says your rebuilding, have patience.

  2. MTM Says:

    Fill rebuilding is when you have legitimate new players added to the roster. That will become permanent starters. Not older free trade acquisitions that were never good to begin with. That is why everyone is negative regarding this team. they will be rebuilding for a long time at this rate

  3. Justin Says:

    Are we serious here?

    Wasn’t Raheem a defensive backs coach or something? This guy is not ready for the NFL. That anyone thought this team would be even mildly decent this year is reason enough for a non-government bankrolled medical checkup.

  4. JK Says:

    When purging the Bucs of almost all the veteran leadership on the team, not once was the term rebuilding used. The word used was different direction. They didn’t say which direction. The words that should have been used are:We are saving money anyway we can and we don’t care if we win or lose because wev’e got all home games with teams that have huge fan following and will fill those empty seats. Also we are 39 million to the good before the first snap.

  5. phil Says:

    JK, you are misinformed. when they released derrick brooks, mark dominiks words were “i hate to use the word rebuilding, but today we did.” he also talked about going in a different direction, and anybody with a brain could figure out it was rebuilding. they dont care if they win or lose? then why didnt they just keep gruden and allen and not eat their salary? why did they trade for kellen winslow and make him one of the highest paid tight ends in history? why did they trade up for a qb and give him a 35 million dollar contract? why did they make ward the highest paid free agent running back? why did they give michael clayton 25 million? why did they franchise antonio bryant? why did they give luke mccown a 2.5 million dollar salary to trade him away? why did they sign leftwich and not hesitate to bench him? why did they sign crowell? why were they willing to pay 100 million to haynesworth? whether they made the right moves or not will remain to be seen as this youth movement unfolds, and raheem and dominik build “their team.”

  6. JK Says:

    Phil, How many years do you think it will take to put together this “Dream Team”? I fill certain the Glazers thought with Grudens ego he would be coaching someplace else and someone else would be eating his salary but he’s living large on their 4 mill per year.

  7. Karl Says:

    JK, if they thought Gruden would be coaching somewhere else and they were worried about the money they would have cut Gruden sooner so he could actually get a job this year instead of waiting until ALL head coaching positions were filled,obviously money was’nt on there minds when it came to firing Gruden.