Adam Schefter Discusses Leftwich Benching

September 29th, 2009

Adam Schefter of BSPN weighs in on the demotion of Bucs quarterback Byron Leftwich.

7 Responses to “Adam Schefter Discusses Leftwich Benching”

  1. Paul Says:

    Since this is officially a rebuilding phase for the Bucs, is anyone here really confident that Raheem is the one that will build a competitive team. Seriously can anyone with a straight face and confidence say that Raheem has the acumen to do this. Raheem is not Dungy, Mike Tomlin, Lovie, or even Herman Edwards; he is nowhere near these qualified black coaches. I’m saying this because I do not know what factored into the decision to hire Raheem. I am a huge fan of Tony Dungy and would love to have Tomlin or Lovie as coaches, but it was clear to me from the beginning that Raheem is not qualified. With that said I hope the media and the fans start campaigning for the Glazers to hire back Tony Dungy. Bringing back Chucky Gruden would also be a great step in the right direction.

  2. Joe Says:


    This (constant) comparison to Mike Tomlin is, at best, unfair to Raheem the Dream. Joe has written this several times before.

    Tomlin won the lottery. He inherited a team one year removed from a Super Bowl win with much of the team (and assistants) intact. He had a young quarterback just about ready to hit superstardom, an offense loaded with skill position players, a defensive coordinator considered one of if not the best in the NFL, a front office second to none and an owner that is beyond patient.

    The only fair comparisons Joe can think of between the Steelers and Bucs is that both play on grass in open-air stadiums.

  3. Marlow Says:

    “… he is nowhere near these qualified black coaches.” This is a low blow! Color is not a factor in any of this! I just it was an ill-advised hireing & releasing of players & now we are seeing the results of that.

  4. Pete Says:

    Gruden is gone and would be unlikely to return. (I know I wouldn’t) Morris cannot keep making Leftwich “is my starting QB” type choices and be here for long. We shall see what happens.

  5. Paul Says:

    Thanks for the response. I want to add that the Bucs were one game away from the playoffs last year and two years remove from a playoff berth. So before his purge, Raheem inherited a team that was competive enough to be playoff bound. So Raheem did step into a pretty good situation. You know, I’m just trying to understand why the Glazers would choose Raheem when there are several far more qualified candidates available (allright I admit I was hoping they would have asked Tony Dungy if he is interested). I am sure Joe you are more knowledable than me with the ins and outs of the game. But all my years watching the sport I have never felt more doubt with a head coach’s competence and qualification as much as I have with Morris. I agree with many that there are alot of other deficiences with this team, but I strongly believe that changing the current head coach with someone more qualified should be the first step.

  6. Joe Says:


    In short, it’s about cash. Chucky and Bruce Almighty are on the Glazer’s books for a combined $10 million for two years (or until they find other work in the NFL). So there’s no way the Glazers were going to go out and get Bill Cowher or Mike Shanahan, to name a couple, who would have cost as much as they are paying Chucky to hide in his bunker at the Ice Palace.

    Now if the Bucs still stink after Chucky and Bruce Almighty find another job (Joe will be shocked if Chucky isn’t working for Jerry Jones or Danny Snyder next year), then if I was Raheem the Dream I’d have my mortgage paid off.

  7. RastaMon Says:

    I say…..Bucs cherry pick the 31 practice squads for QB’s
    and cut Leftwich now……he ain’t going to be around next year and this team ain’t going anywhere this year…..
    might as go looking for something at QB for down the rough road ahead