The Buffalo Bills And Male Genitalia

September 16th, 2009

A member of the Bucs opponent this weekend, Buffalo Bills return man Leodis McKelvin, found male genitalia in his front yard earlier this week.

It’s time for Joe to start looking ahead to the Bucs game against Buffalo. And what better way to start the (short) week for the Bills then some male genitalia in the front yard?

Joe is so sick of having Bill Belicheat and the Patriots shoved down his throat, he couldn’t stomach watching the Patriots play the Bucs opponent this week, the Buffalo Bills, much less think about their game Monday night. So Joe didn’t watch one play.

Joe learned that night, however, that Bills return man Leodis McKelvin fumbled a late kickoff return that enabled the Patriots to rally and beat the Bills.

Bills fans were so pleased with the effort that McKelvin came home to find male genitalia in his front yard, so reports the Buffalo News.

The vandalism apparently consisted of the score — 25-24 — and a graphic depiction of the male anatomy scrawled in white paint on McKelvin’s front lawn.

Given the fact summer is already gone in that neck of the woods, it will be hard to just cut the lawn and let the grass grow back. The paint likely killed the grass. So even if there’s no grass to mow thanks to the frost, the paint likely left its imprint.

Joe’s guessing McKelvin must have that area of his lawn resodded just he won’t have to look at male genitalia in his yard each day.

3 Responses to “The Buffalo Bills And Male Genitalia”

  1. mr. Lucky Says:

    Man I don’t want to hear about how harsh Tampa fans are now!

    That fan must have moved to Buffalo from Philly.

    I understand it was a “bone headed” play but to paint that on his lawn? Geez

  2. Rick Says:

    Joe is gonna Looove licking the sweat off Belichicks male genitalia when the Patriots destroy the Bucs in London. Tampa Bay is the NFLs worst team!!

  3. Chris D Says:

    He should of done it himself. Opps, he fumbled paint brush! If I was a Bills fan I’d be ill all week!