Stop With The Adrian Peterson Nonsense!

September 15th, 2009
Even if the Bucs passed on Gaines Adams in the 2006 draft, the Bucs never would have drafted Adrian Peterson with the fourth overall pick.

Even if the Bucs passed on Gaines Adams in the 2007 draft, the Bucs never would have drafted Adrian Peterson with the fourth overall pick.

Like most Bucs fans, Joe is chagrin over the fact that defensive end Gaines Adams hasn’t come close to living up to the expectations of being the fourth overall selection in the 2007 draft.

But to hear some Bucs fans talk, it reminds him of revisionist history freaks who think we didn’t need to drop the atom bomb on Japan to make them surrender.

(Polite reminder to revisionist historians: You are right. We didn’t need to drop a bomb on Japan to get them to surrender. It took two to bring Japan to her knees.)

The tipping point for Joe was when he heard on a local sports radio show that the Bucs could have had current Vikings stud tailback Adrian Peterson.

The host, who Joe has a great deal of respect for, agreed with the caller.


It’s not the first time Joe’s heard such a ludicrous comment. Each time he hears it, he just shakes his head.

Let’s turn back the clock, shall we?

When the Bucs selected Adams in the 2007 draft, the Bucs had a tailback on their roster by the name of Carnell “Cadillac” Williams. He was drafted in 2005, fifth overall. He was named offensive rookie of the year for the 2005 season and led the team with 1,178 yards followed by a not-so great sophomore year where he again led the team in rushing while playing in only 14 games.

So in April 2007, please explain to Joe in great detail why the Bucs, who were in dire need of defensive help, would draft another tailback at virtually the same position in the draft, thereby tying up a massive chunk of the salary cap with millions of dollars at the same position?

Why exactly, after just one so-so season, would the Bucs wash their hands of Williams and pick Peterson?

The only general manager that tried a stunt like that was Matt Millen when he drafted wide receivers in successive seasons high in the draft. That crippled the Lions so bad they still haven’t recovered.

In short, only someone that has no grasp of history, is a revisiionist historian, or has no clue about the NFL salary cap would say with a straight face the Bucs should have drafted Adrian Peterson fourth overall in the 2007 draft.

Now if someone wants to argue the Bucs should have drafted LeRon Landry or Patrick Willis or even Greg Olsen, Joe’s right with you. But don’t insult Joe’s intelligence by saying the Bucs should have drafted Peterson.

5 Responses to “Stop With The Adrian Peterson Nonsense!”

  1. bubbabooie Says:

    “bucs passed on Tom Brady, Marques Colston, Kenyatta Walker, Stephan Jackson, Aaron Rodgers…” God I hate the people that say that crap they should have drafted peterson it shows how narrowminded they are becuase the onlyreason they say that is because he was drafted the next pick behind our grreat Gaines Adams. Hell the only other pick that would have been worse is Jarvis Moss everyone else is contributors on their teams. These are all draft picks which are gambles, and sometimes you lose when gambling, me more often then not. If anyone wants a story to really cry over spilled milk then grab a legitimate one like how did the bucs let Drew Bree’s go to the Saints a couple years ago and not have a dog in the fight to get him. So go ahead Glazers go buy the next 11 year old in hopes hes the next Pele while our NFC South grabs players that solidify the Bucs spot at the bottom. I guess I should learn to sing Ole and learn soccer rules because Manchester U will be the glazers only team participating in a postseason.

  2. bubbabooie Says:

    er I meant got kenyatta instead of RANDY MOSS howd that work out for us

  3. Tom Edrington Says:

    Joe: What the heck, Matt Millen wasn’t afraid to draft a wide receiver every year….look where it got him…!!

  4. lightningbuc Says:

    If if’s and but’s were candy and nuts we’d all have a Merry F-ing Christmas!

  5. phil Says:

    im more pissed we didnt trade gaines and our second round picks(which turned out to be the worthless sabby and the awol aaron sears) for calvin johnson. but i do think about what could have been. if you remember the 05 draft, gruden wanted alex smith bad, obviously showing we need a qb right? well sf took alex smith and gruden skipped over aaron rogers! how much better would that have worked out… rogers and peterson. oh well, lets just be thankful gruden didnt trade away all our picks for alex smith.