Bates Looks To Revive Crowder’s Career

September 14th, 2009
Considered Jim Bates draft pick in Denver, defensive end Tim Crowder is now on the Bucs.

Considered Jim Bates' draft pick in Denver, defensive end Tim Crowder is now on the Bucs.

Joe is not big on stroking himself, but he can’t let this one go.

Back in February, Joe told you to look for the Bucs to deal for then-Broncos defensive end Tim Crowder. Surely, only Joe and new Bucs defensive coordinator Jim Bates, were pointing in this direction.

And now the move has happened. The Bucs signed Crowder today, and cut DE Maurice Evans.

Crowder is one of the three high D-lineman draft picks Bates made in his brief, unsuccessful tenure as Denver’s defensive coordinator. Jarvis Moss (first round) and Marcus Thomas (fourth round) were the others, and they have done little.

Crowder is the only one who has had a decent season, his rookie year in 2007 under Bates.

Crowder rode the bench last year and was cut by Denver before opening day last week.

Bates didn’t get his main man Jason Taylor of Dolphins fame this offseason, but now he’s got Crowder.

Joe is not surprised.

2 Responses to “Bates Looks To Revive Crowder’s Career”

  1. bubbabooie Says:

    ***Geno Hayse was late for the game while Gaines Adams never showed up.*** Call me crazy, just don’t call me late for dinner, seriously though I think I should be called crazy for bringing this up and my suggestion is for the Bucs to call up Simeon Rice and work him out. We are not at the point where we are developing or DE’s except Kyle Moore because lets face it Gaines Adams is a bust, Wilkerson has flash now and then but not consistent and Mr. White has been on the team how long and not been able to secure the starting position, pathetic. I saw Gaines opening day of his rookie season in Orlando and have been saying he’s a bust ever since and been in heated arguements with my father and brother. He is a athlete not a football player and in non aggresive positions you can hide but in the trenches the bullets are firing and if your not shooting everyone knows and can tell. Back to Simeon, I saw a interview right before training camp where he was saying he he was hurt all last year and the year before and now the time off has given him time to heal. Even if we spot play him on third down he will give us a rush. So maybe I am crazy, crazy like a fox.

  2. leningan Says:

    i thought rice signed with the USFL or whatever that new semipro football league is…