Somebody Is Censoring Raheem

September 11th, 2009

Why is Raheem Morris saying he's being told to stop using the word "violent?"

The ridiculous political correctness that has infested our society has found its way to Raheem The Dream.

Somebody, presumably inside One Buc Place or NFL headquarters, is ordering Raheem The Dream to stop using the word “violent,” a favorite of his to describe the attitude and aggression of a team or players.

Joe feels for you, coach. You’re an intelligent guy who should be allowed to use any non-profane adjective you want.

Football’s a violent game. The NFL sells violence in its DVDs and in its broadcasts. You should be allowed to say “violent.”

During his daily press conference Thursday, Raheem The Dream was asked about the Cowboys’ offensive line. He talked about the smashmouth bunch and called them “violent” and then quickly explained he’s not supposed to use that word, as he smirked and shot a glance toward his immediate right, away from the media gathered in front of him.

The telling moment is captured at about 6:30 of the video on

“They’re monsters, man. Who are we kidding. They’re big guys. Maybe you want to use some movement. Maybe you want to hit them right in the mouth. …You’re talking about an offensive line that is stacked. Talking about big bodies in there that once they get on you they can absolutely maul you. They’re strong. They’re physical. They’re violent. I’m not supposed to use that word anymore, but they are.”

Now this wasn’t the first time Raheem The Dream stopped himself at a press conference to explain that he’s not supposed to say something.

Joe recalls a recent time when Raheem The Dream prefaced an answer with “I’ll be honest with you.” Then he caught himself and explained to the media that he’s been advised to stop using that phrase because it implies that he’s not always honest.

Bucs media director Jeff Kamis is a well-regarded professional. His job is to make sure the head coach sounds his best and the Bucs organization is represented appropriately and professionally at all times.

Joe sincerely hopes it’s not Kamis telling Raheem The Dream to lose “violent” from his media vocabulary. Joe prefers to think Roger Goodell is the politically correct monster behind this.

Last night, one of Raheem The Dream’s mentors and friends, the Steelers’ Super Bowl winning coach Mike Tomlin, used “violent” multiple times in interviews before and after the game.

And proof is on Tomin says  (30 seconds into his postgame press conference), “Usually the most violent team wins.”

Joe wonders if the NFL will sick the politically correct police on Tomlin. Or is that just reserved for Raheem Morris?

7 Responses to “Somebody Is Censoring Raheem”

  1. oar Says:

    You sure the dream isn’t saying “violet”?

  2. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    I am not sure, but at 5:25 in the video, I think i saw puppet strings. We need to digitally enhance the video to be sure though.

  3. Jackson Says:

    Just shows the lack of intelligence, once again, by Morris. The Mike Tomlin comparisons are laughable. While I do think Morris may be able to get this team motivated enough to win some games, he’s no Mike Tomlin. Tomlin is very well-spoken, highly intellectual and articulate, and somewhat philosophical, Morris, well, not so much. To me he seems unsure of himself, indecisive, and compulsive. These are things he’s shown publicly, so it could be he’s much different in private, away from the cameras. Let’s hope so.

  4. Pete Says:

    Nothing wrong with violence as long as it is directed towards the evil or bad guys…and anyone trying to beat the Bucs fits that catagory.

    Who says violence never solved anything? Check out World War 2 and 1. Never solved anything my foot! 😉

  5. SensibleFan Says:

    @ Jackson

    Raheem is fine just the way he is Jackson. “Lack of intelligence” is a bit of an overstatement. Even though the guy speaks excitedly and says some unintelligible things I can think of two such coaches (Madden, John & Paterno, Joe respectively) who have had great success despite the way they speak.

    Also, keep in mind that he’s a young guy growing into the job and making mistakes on and off the field i.e. the interview room. I think his articulation problem stems from a) wanting to be honest and forthright with his questioners while b) trying not to give too much away to opponents and c) trying to give the perfect answer EVERY time. He simply hasn’t learned “coach speak” yet. Give him some time. Lastly, The Dream is a football coach, not a Rhodes scholar…if (and when) he wins he could speak Swahili and nobody would care…so cut him a break.

  6. Mr. Lucky Says:

    I think someone must be censoring Joe – where is that preseason prediction?

    And to think Joe was ragging on Raheem about delaying his QB decision when Joe won’t post his predictions (3 days late!)

  7. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Mr. Lucky, you are tough, man. Just for that Joe’s going to wait until tomorrow. It’s a prediction, as long as it’s done before opening day, it’s all good.