Salary Cap Gap Is Wide

September 14th, 2009

The latest report out of FOX Sports shows the Bucs $30 million under the salary cap for 2009.

What makes the number stand out for Joe is that the Bucs are $13 million behind the Packers, the next closest team. That’s quite a lot of cash.

Do you get what you pay for in the NFL?

For 2009, Joe sure hopes that not the case.

(And for those keeping score, Manchester United scored a huge road win on Saturday against an undefeated opponent. The Glazer’s big money soccer team sits comfortably in second place, in good early position to defend its championship.)

2 Responses to “Salary Cap Gap Is Wide”

  1. Tye Says:

    It is not surprising with them choosing to hire a CHEAP HC instead of a WINNER that chose to dismantle and rebuild a team that had a winning season last year (which at one time was 9-3 last year) and rebuild it not even knowing how to run a team. He has never even been a Coordiantor long enough to have any kind of experience. What a JOKE!

  2. Mr. Lucky Says:

    You know what – I’ve had enough of people criticizing the cap $. Shut the HE double hockey sticks up will ya?

    There are LOTS of head coaches in the NFL that aren’t worth what they are paid. Shelling out big bucks for something a lot of us whould do for 1/10 of the money.

    Yeah Raheem doesn’t have the experience/he’s too young/yadda yadda yadda. Shut up will ya? It’s not YOUR darn money is it? You don’t like it – don’t go to the games and don’t bitch about it.

    I’m sick, of reading about these million dollar deals for players and coaches who don’t really contribute to anything other than our ENTERTAINMENT purposes. Yeah they don’t make anything for the US economy they don’t produce they are simply ENTERTAINERS.

    To Tye: Of all the players that Dominek and Raheem released how many are currently playing in the NFL? ONE – Joey Galloway. Possibly two with Brooks going to Chicago. But none of those players released would have helped the Bucs.

    How about Albert Haynesworth? I guess the Bucs would have won with him in the game yesterday right? WRONG. Oh wait I know – Jay Cutler would have done the trick right? With Jay at the helm he would have lit up the cowboys like he did against the Packers right?

    When will you stop and realize that it isn’t all about the money? How many times have you seen 5-7th round picks starring on the field? Look at Mike Tomlin, last years SuperBowl head coach. How much do you think Tomlin makes compared to Wade Phillips?

    If the Glazers are really more interested in Mann U than Tampa Bay I would hope they sell the team. However throwing money at a problem doesn’t make the problem go away – don’t believe me just look at the US Government/Welfare as an example.

    It’s the Glazers money to spend not yours. Give it a rest will ya?