Peter King Is On The Cadillac Bandwagon

September 14th, 2009

Who among us didn’t rejoice over seeing Cadillac Williams turn in a stellar performance yesterday? Came a hair away from a 100-yard game in his first start since returning from his (second) knee injury.

Count Peter King among the impressed. Though the football columnist got his digs in at the Bucs in his must-read Monday Morning Quarterback column (he said the Cowboys’ 34 points was “par for the course against a struggling team.”), King lauded Cadillac on his fine day.

I just loved the job Cadillac Williams did running the ball for Tampa Bay, after so much pain and suffering with his knees in the last three years. Thirteen carries for 97 yards, many of them hard fought.

Just curious, but when Cadillac made a long run down near the goal line after being tackled out of bounds awkwardly and had to retreat to the bench wincing, did anyone else think, “Oh, no. Not his knee again?”

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