Donald Penn Came To The Rescue

September 16th, 2009

This will likely be the last post about the Dallass loss from Joe. But for the cheerleaders (no, not the kind who possess natural and surgically-enhanced flotation devices) out there who say Joe is too negative (Joe has yet to figure out  how a bad loss is positive), this is for you.

While a lot of attention was (rightly) focused on the solid play of Cadillac Williams and the toughness of Michael Clayton, an argument could be made that offensive lineman Donald Penn was the Bucs player of the game.

Quick: How many times did you hear the name DeMarcus Ware Sunday outside of the starting lineups? That was because Penn locked him up. Remember, this is a guy who tied an NFL record last year for getting a sack in 10 straight games and finished the season with 20 sacks.

A quick check of the box score shows that Ware had a grand total of four tackles and no sacks. Very pedestrian for one of the best defensive players in the NFL.

Thanks to Donald Penn. Job well done, Mr. Penn.

3 Responses to “Donald Penn Came To The Rescue”

  1. mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe – Good point on this one. Penn came to camp looking more like Horton than I remember. He was upset about not getting a contract extension and so far he looks like he has earned that contract. Nice to hear/read about some highlights.

  2. Chris D Says:

    Wonder how many starting LT there are in the league that went undrafted. He did great against Ware. I was worried about him cuz of his speed/sacks. IMO Penn is one of the best run blocking LTs in the NFL. Not bad for someone who didn’t get drafted. (I used to not like Penn but now he’s a bright spot on Oline.)

  3. Jorge Says:

    I love this guy…He’s is the real deal, and happens to be a good guy from my brief experience…