NFL Network Looks at Cowboys-Bucs Game

September 12th, 2009

As one can expect, the good people of NFL Network are all over the Cowboys-Bucs game Sunday.

In the first video, Joe Theismann, Sterlling Sharpe and knothead Brian Baldinger break down the game. Baldinger thinks the Cowboys will take care of the Bucs without much effort. Theismann believes the Cowboys defensive line will have a big day.

The second video is a production from the fine people of NFL Films. That alone is worth clicking on. The good people of NFL Films seem to like the Bucs secondary.

The third video is courtesy of which a look at Sunday’s gameday forecast.

In the last video, Tony Romo says it’s “all about beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.” Total Acess talking heads Tom Waddle and Jamie Dukes discuss the game. Dukes suggests the only way the Bucs will win is to hound Romo.

2 Responses to “NFL Network Looks at Cowboys-Bucs Game”

  1. ChuckInJax Says:

    Happy Buc’n Eve Joe! Thanks for your unparallelled coverage of the most bizarre offseason that I can recall in my thirty one years of Buc’n Fandemonium! Though I wasn’t crazy about what our ‘friends’ at the NFL Network had to say in that first video, they had some good points nonetheless. Unfortunately, it seems that the link to the second video leads right back to the same video as the first link…Thanks again, and let’s hope OUR Boys shock the ‘boys!!!! Go Bucs!!!!!

  2. Joe Says:

    Thanks for the compliments Chuck.

    Joe fixed the link to the second video, and actually added a fourth.