Joe’s Second Quarter Thoughts

September 13th, 2009

* Nice to see the running game chewing up chunks of yards each run.

* Dave Moore is impressed with how fluid the Bucs offense looks given the fact Antonio Bryant and Michael Clayton have seen limited work with the first team offense.

* Geez. Not a knee injury to Cadillac… again!

* Mean Gene Deckerhoff with a funny: “I can tell Wade Phillips had a good breakfast.” Zing!

* Way to go Cadillac! Joe is beyond relieved that Cadillac didn’t injure his knee on that long run. Whew!

* Bucs got away with a face mask by Sabby.

* Old man Barber is playing young at heart. Maybe we were all wrong about Barber not being able to play in Jim Bates’ defense.

* Where would have the Bucs been last year or so far this year without Antonio Bryant?

* Moore thinks the way Greg Olson is calling plays that Dallass is already getting worn out.

* One of the drawbacks with Leftwich is his inability to throw short in the flat. That was evident when Leftwich missed a wide open Derrick Ward for what would have been a first down.

* After Phillips wrestling Marion Barber down, Joe cannot say how happy he is that Phillips is not wasting himself at linebacker.

* Cheap ass call on the roughing the punter. Still, no need to take that chance with Dallass kicking from so deep in their territory.

* Geno Hayes might need an alarm clock but he sure answers the bell on defense.

* The Bucs corners are so far playing outstanding.

* Jason Witten on a linebacker is an M&Mer.

* Huge personal foul by Flozell Adams.

* Geno Hayes is playing as if he’s on the Doak Campbell turf.

* Dumb move by Clifton Smith. That punt was in the end zone. Yeah, he got the ball out to the 15 but when a team is in the two-minute drill, five yards can mean the difference between a missed field goal and three points. So far the Bucs are making stupid decisions on special teams.

* Moore just said the Bucs should not play conservative with 85 yards to go and two minutes.

* Waste of a drive by the Bucs there. Moore thought the Bucs should have tried to run and if successful, then bring out the three-wide sets. If the runs don’t work, you burn the clock which hurts Dallass. Now the Cowgirls have a short field for a field goal to regain the lead.

* Dumbass Gaines Adams. Nothing like helping Dallass get closer to a field goal attempt.

* Terrible mistackle by Elbert Mack. You might get away with arm tackles at Troy but not in the NFL.

* Moore is taking the Bucs to task on their possession just before the Cowboys touchdown for getting away from what they were doing well, enabling Dallass to score.

* Bomb to Michael Clayton. Aside from the fact it’s was a fantastic catch, this is why Raheem the Dream wanted Leftwich at quarterback and not Luke McCown.

* Moore is claiming the reason the Bucs nearly got a delay of game penalty on the last-second field goal attempt was due to a lack of playing together.

* Nice job Mike Nugent.

* Quick glance at the numbers shows, shockingly, the Bucs offense is outshining Dallass.

9 Responses to “Joe’s Second Quarter Thoughts”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Leftwich so far – way better than expected

    Cadillac Williams – What a guy, what a story, full up his tank he’s clicking

    M. Clayton – I KNEW that stick-um would work

    #33 Mack – is this the same guy who excelled in training camp? Look 4 the damn ball will ya?

    Bryant – nice route running and if the bal were there it would be 14-13

    Nuggent – I hope somebody still has Matt Bryant’s phone #

  2. RastaMon Says:

    Dog Chow almost got in the screen……
    run Adrian Peterson…run………..

  3. crotchity mcgee Says:

    view from the club section shows how coaching can win or lose a gm for you single handedly. Olsen totally mismanaged 2 min offense. Dallass never should have had ball again. Once screen to bryamt failed you run twice and go to locker room up 7-6. This is last gm for nugent as a buc unless he nails game winner. Looks like romo is begging to give this gm to us. Need to knock him around in 2nd half. 30 pct of crowd is pro cowboys and were very vocal after blocked kick. Lets send them all home to lutz and mantatee county with aikman mascara running down their cheeks. Pound the rock to victory in the 2nd half. Go bucs!

  4. Tim Says:

    Would somebody PLEASE call up Matt Bryant !!!

  5. George C. Costanza Says:

    No pass rush, Joe.

  6. Bucsfan5 Says:

    I disagree, they’re not getting sacks but they are getting people in Romo’s face, which is a huge step up from the d-line last year. But Gaines has done little to nothing except get froze on a reverse, and make a dumb penalty that led to a Cowboys TD before the half.

  7. george c. costanza Says:

    the decision to bring Michael Clayton back for a big-money contract looks like the right call, based on what I’ve seen today, Joe. What say you?

  8. george c. costanza Says:

    we’re into the 4th quarter and Gaines Adams doesn’t have a tackle, Joe.

  9. Bucsfan5 Says:

    Secondary’s poor play in the preseason has carried over into week 1 here.