Joe’s Second Quarter Thoughts

September 27th, 2009


* How about that Bucs offensive line blasting holes in the line? Maybe this zone blocking scheme is like fitting a square peg in a round hole? The Bucs offensive line didn’t need much tinkering. You know, the proverbial don’t fix something that’s not broken?

* Let’s see, in the first 18 minutes of the game the Bucs have had seven plays from offense. Wow.

* OMG! A three-and-out by the Bucs defense. Joe might have to crack open a(nother) Caybrew.

* Cadillac behind Trueblood and Joseph. Joe likes that.

* Why didn’t Leftwich just throw the ball at Askew’s feet. It wouldn’t have been a loss.

* Nice tackle by Bruce Johnson to deny Cadillac Williams a first down. OK, Joe will ask: Will/can the Bucs get a first down this half?

* Can someone besides Ruud and Barber and Talib make a play on the Bucs defense?

* Ha! joe was just typing Talib’s name and he makes a nice play.

* Manning overthrows an open man for a first down. Gene Deckerhoff on the Bucs radio network wonders aloud if the wet ball from the downpour helped the Bucs.

* Mahan whiffs on a tackle and Ward pays.

* Byron Leftwich channels his inner Roger Staubach for a four-yard run.

* Once again, three-and-out. Joe’s phone is going crazy from all the texts from THE PESSIMIST, whos is seething over this putrid offense.

* Ward damned near got loose for a long touchdown.

* Miserable, miserable, miserable tackling on Bradshaw’s runs.

* Hedgecock (“Hee, hee. Hee, hee. He said ‘cock.'”) dropping passes will likely be the only way for the Bucs to stop the Giants.

* Elbert Mack didn’t give Manningham enough room on Manningham’s first down.

* Pretty nice play by Sabby Piscitelli to break up a touchdown, though it was thrown behind.

* “Boys (Bucs defense), meet the Men (Giants running backs).”

* Great play by Sabby Piscitelli to stop Jacobs in the backfield. Is that the first negative yardage play by the Bucs?

* First break: Giants hooked the field goal.

* Joe’s just wondering: Chris Hovan shot off his mouth (rightly so) about guys needing to make plays. Has his name been called yet today? Is his uniform even dirty?

7 Responses to “Joe’s Second Quarter Thoughts”

  1. Justin Says:

    Seems to me the offense is the problem, much more than the defense.

    0 points… say hello to the new Detroit Lions.

  2. george c. costanza Says:

    did Gaines Adams start? Is he even playing? Didn’t see him on the stat sheet.

    this is a fast game. fans at the stadium may make it home for the afternoon TV games, eh.

  3. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Someone call the Tampa Police Department. I want them to make an arrest of the Bucs Defense for impersonating an NFL defense!

  4. Mr. Lucky Says:

    At this point I’m wondering who would win a game between the Bucs and the Gators!

  5. JK Says:

    This is comical! I’m so glad we got rid of that lying, cheating meantalking Jon Gruden. Clayton was all for it. Where’s he? What’s his guaranteed money? 5 or 10 million. I’m glad we got an experienced coach to settle the boys down at halftime. He’s probably asking for suggestions. I’ll bet Gruden is smiling from ear to ear. Spending the Glazer boys money and not having to do a thing. That’s the only thing that didn’t work out in their plan. He was supposed to be coaching someplace else so they wouldn’t have to pay him. But they are 39 million in the black so don’t feel to bad for them.

  6. J Lynch says Says:

    Its getting to be fun to watch Leftwitch get clocked on every play. He will start quitting soon like Gaines adams already has. I counted 5 thats FIVE missed tackles on one run play. Defense has to step it up soon

  7. grumpy4669 Says:

    Mr. Lucky, give me a healthy Tebow, and I’d say this year’s Gators would kick the shit out of the Bucs