“It’s Already Out Of Hand”

September 21st, 2009

Enjoy Bucanero Cigars. Joe gives Raheem The Dream credit for not spinning at his Monday news conference at One Buc Palace.

Asked how the Bucs can keep their defensive woes from getting out hand, Raheem The Dream replied, “It’s already out of hand.”

The head coach also called out the defensive line for not being up to the challenge he issued to them prior to the Bills game, and he pointed a finger of blame directly at Gaines Adams. The Dream acknowledged, as Joe wrote earlier, that the Bills’ offensive line was practically comprised of three rookies for much of the game.

Raheem The Dream went on to explain his team’s confidence level is extremely high.

Joe supposes the undefeated Giants are riding a confidence high of their own coming into Sunday’s Bucs-Giants game in Tampa.

11 Responses to ““It’s Already Out Of Hand””

  1. Chris D Says:

    Who is Gaines Adams? I think you got the wrong team Joe. I’ve NEVER heard of this player. Long Snapper? IDK….Are you confussing this ‘Gaines Adams’ person with Wr? Dexter Jackson #2 ??? well he took a number 2 and isn’t on the Bucs roster, I don’t think that flash-in-the-PANTIES is even in the Not For Long when you CANT/WONT take a HIT!

  2. Joe Says:

    Gaines Adams is playing worse than he did last year. At least last year he provided some production. This year, he’s friggin’ invisible (except for how he got schooled on that reverse by Buffalo).

    If a No. 4 overall pick cannot start on this sorry team…

  3. Charkh Says:

    Is it too early to start talking about which positions/players we should be targeting with our top 5 pick?

  4. Joe Says:


  5. Chris Says:

    Do not mean to pile on but Gaines Adams was offsides by two yards against a rookie and still could not get there. Great defense starts with pressure. Upfront pressure takes pressure off the rest of the defense and actually keeps them fresh. The past two weeks they were wore down. Look at all the scoring done against us in the first two weeks in the forth quarter. We as bucs fans have witnessed great defense and this is not it. The only D-lineman that seems to have a clue is Miller and he is a rook. With the fifth pick the buc select Eric Berry.

  6. Joel Says:

    I wish i could have a job like that where you don’t even have to be on the stat sheet at the end of a work day..just like gaines, there’re some games he’s not even on the stat sheet! and he did play as a starter most of the snaps so he got 0 tackles, 0 ff, 0 sacks.. what a wonderful world where you can go to work do NOTHING and still get paid millions of dollars..

  7. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    welcome to pro sports

  8. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    I still think it’s time to “Drown the Dream” but I do have more respect for him now. I would have even more respect if he would fire that hack bates and take over the defense

  9. Charkh Says:

    It’s hard to blame Bates for a lack of talent on the D-Line.

  10. JK Says:

    Joe, I know what you can do. Blame everything on Chucky. They are his players right? Just like we did for Dungy. It was his superbowl, right? That’s the easiest thing for you and the media to do. Blame it all on Gruden and the quarterback. That’s what your best at isn’t it? You helped with this new direction, didn’t you? Spin it however you want but the Glazers are just like Culverhouse, Money and nothing more.

  11. Joe Says:


    What are you talking about? Joe never danced on Chucky’s grave. Joe was indifferent on the move. Joe saw both the positives and the negatives of the move.

    And no, the Super Bowl win was not “with Dungy’s players.” The people who say that are fools. Joe’s documented why this is such an insane statement before.

    If Joe has as much influence as you suggest, the Bucs never would have drafted Josh Freeman.