Antonio Bryant’s Struggles Continue

September 21st, 2009

bryantThe bad news keeps flowing.

Now Antonio Bryant, the Bucs $10 million deep threat, and the only Bucs receiver opponents remotely fear, has told Stephen Holder, of the St. Pete Times that he’s got a bone bruise and can’t play.

“But I can’t even run out there. I can’t go full speed.”

This kind of talk almost has Joe longing for the days of Chucky, when players and coaches engaged in serious gamemanship when it came to who might suit up on Sunday and what they were capable of.

Joe suspects somebody at One Buc Place might advise Bryant to please not tell the opponent he can’t run full speed.

Unless, of course, Bryant’s comments are all a setup. But Joe highly doubts that there’s that much savvy at play right now under Raheem The Dream.

6 Responses to “Antonio Bryant’s Struggles Continue”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe – this is a serious question (no joking for a change).

    If the Bucs place Antonio Bryant on IR are they responsible for the remainder of his 2009 salary?

  2. Joe Says:

    Mr. Lucky:


  3. Flo Says:

    Angelo Crowell gets that big fat salary as we speak.

  4. JK Says:

    Speaking of savvy, did you see the interception that hit the ground twice that wasn’t over turned. Morris hasn’t paid any dues as a head coach so look for more bad breaks from the refs. Coach didn’t even respond. Gruden would have been fined for his outburst. Good for Bryant. Don’t let the Glazers boys get away with 39 million unscaved. Take it while you can Antonio because that’s what they are doing to everyone else but Manchester United.

  5. Mike Says:

    Carlos Beltran was out 4 months for the Mets with a “bone bruise”…

    Bryant is doing what Brian Kelly did in his final year…refuse to play hurt. Why put a sorry performance on tape in a contract year? Better that Bryant’s next team remembers his 2008 season and not his 2009 one when he’s not healthy.

  6. kappa08 Says:

    Bucs are getting what they deserved with Bryant…He wasn’t worth the “franchise” tag. This guy doesn’t want anything to do with this team and it’s obvious.
    Maybe I’m wrong but I saw Wes Welker in sweats on the sidelines “showing up” for his team against the Jets. Antonio couldn’t make the trip because of a bruise? Real men show up to the battlefield with their comrads even if all they do is support.
    They spent the few dollars they had on malcontents…sorry, but that’s just flat out bad leadership.