Harry King’s Bucs Thoughts

September 22nd, 2009

By Harry King

My two cents… I can understand Bucs fans feeling disgusted and sick to their stomachs. I’m sure they feel the same way I felt when Marlon Brando kissed me on the lips. … That defense is so ugly, it reminded me of Phyllis Diller. … I read on JoeBucsFan.com where some fans are questioning Raheem the Dream for calling out Gaines Adams. Trust me, they never heard of Leo Durocher.

Why is it the Bucs have never asked Nancy Sinatra to sing the national anthem? She’s a chip off the old block and was a great guest. … Speaking of music, my grandkids, now all graduated from college, talk about this Edward Van Halen from The Van Halen Band. I’ve heard him. Let me tell you, he’s no Charo.

Sharing a chicken dinner at Roscoe’s the other night with Don Rickles. Even he laughs at the Bucs pass defense. Now that’s a funny guy. … It seems terrorists are now targeting stadiums where there is “immorality, and sin.” I thought the Mutiny left Tampa? Boy, these guys are sure lucky they never had to deal with my buddy Al Haig.

The way Gaines Adams plays, I think of Reggie Rogers. … The Bucs defense is so soft, it could pass for the meat loaf at Duke Ziebert’s. Those were the days! … The Bucs defense is giving up so many yards, my old Washington insider pal David Stockman is blushing.

Byron Leftwich is throwing so many passes, he’s going to get a sore arm like my good friend Sandy Koufax. We grew up together in Brooklyn, you know? … Speaking of growing up, I bet Josh Freeman wishes he was back in Kansas after watching the Bucs offensive line get manhandled at Buffalo. It reminded me of a story George Patton IV told me about the Germans during his father’s march through France.

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