Grading Byron Leftwich

September 27th, 2009

Byron Leftwich's play is getting progressively worse

Raheem The Dream said he doesn’t want to place the blame of his team’s collapse on starting quarterback Byron Leftwich.

Of course, Leftwich doesn’t deserve all the blame, but Joe is of the mind he should get more than Raheem The Dream might think.

There is no debate that Leftwich deserves a grade of F for this game. He was beyond horrendous. And he did the absolute one thing the Bucs needed him to avoid; he threw an ugly interception early in the game. The Bucs needed to keep the game close to establish the running game, and Leftwich did his best to kill that chance again.

Back in Buffalo last wee, Leftwich’s “Pick 6” to put the Bucs in a first-quarter hole. Joe would grade Leftwich a C for his performance in Buffalo. And Joe would give him an A- against Dallas in the season-opener.

In other words, Leftwich is getting worse every week. And, of course, he’s getting beat up.

11 Responses to “Grading Byron Leftwich”

  1. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    Leftwich is sinking fast no pun intended

  2. Pete Strauss Says:

    Leftwich (over McCown as starting QB) was the wrong decision from a coach who seems to make a lot of wrong decisions. (Leftwich) Nice guy,tough, tries hard, gives it his all, but he’s slow, doesn’t read defenses well,is indecisive and his ALL has never and will never be enough to be a winner in the NFL.

  3. Pete Says:

    Um… “F-” do they give G’s? I don’t know?

    Even for Leftwich this was going the extra mile.

    A- vs. Dallas ???? I guess. Joe, I wish you had been a professor of mine back in Law School, or even high school.

    0-3 as a starter and what happens next week if he starts and loses to the Redskins? – the team that thankfully kept Tampa’s place in history secured today.

  4. Tye Says:

    Pete Strauss speaks the truth!

  5. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe I think that one of the reason’s Bryon’s getting worse is the abuse that he is enduring. After last week in Buffalo his body hs to be black and blue. Bryon just wasn’t reading the defense today and he’s trying too hard.

    That INT that Bryon had 2day was all his fault as he was trying to make something out of nothing. It was a good “bad” Brett Farve imitation. you could see that Leftwich was out of gass last week in the 4Q and today he wasn’t much better.

    But think about it – the Giants get the all, march 80 yards down the field and score. All the players were thinking- here we go again. There is no confidence in the players it written in their body language.

    If Morris were smart, and I’m beginning to doubt that, he’d say that Bryon suffered some minor injury (to save Bryon’s “pride”) and start JJ next week. The longer Raheem the Nightmare waits to make the switch the less reps JJ will get.

  6. Tom Edrington Says:

    Joe: Please find a facet of the team Sunday that doesn’t deserve an “F”

    Nice running game!

    The inactive players were the lucky ones….

  7. Mike Says:

    Don’t blame the players yet.Blame the owners for f’n up this season with their winter/spring/summer decision making.
    Hiring an inexperienced coach to start with.

    I hope all the money they are saving helps with the Manchester United debt.

    Tebo,click your heels 3 times, pack your bags and head south a couple hours.Your home.

  8. grumpy4669 Says:

    Mike, Tebow will be the Jaguars 1st rounder next year–we have our “future” remember–he’s the kid with the 80’s jerrycurl who looks in the mirror and sings “I’m so pretty, oh so pretty…” over and over! Face it guys, if we don’t beat the Redskins next week, or Carolina the week after, the Bucs are going to take the lead as the first team in NFL history to have TWO seasons in which they don’t win one game

  9. RustyRhino Says:

    Well Can we ALL Admit that Lefty WAS not the Answer???? And If he is Coaching -Up Th “Kid” Then We have a Few More Years Of this “style?” of Football?????? Captain I am Ready For That Keal HAUL!!!! NOW wont be to SOON!!!!….. uggggh well i still have not got to watch just listen to the radio…. UGGGGHHH!!! McCown Now would be a nice CHANGE !!!! Yeah Yeah,, Let it GOOOOOO !!!! Ground & Cente Ground & Center…

  10. ninety9buc Says:

    I have been a buccaneer season ticket holder my whole life.

    I have seen all the franchise (savior) quarterbacks come and go. As a matter of fact I have seen every game every one of them played as a buccaneer. Whether it was Williams, Testaverde, Dilfer, or the free agents, like Jack Thompson, Chris Chandler, Craig Erickson, Eric Zeier, Casey Wheldon, Brad Johnson, Joe Ferguson, (bet most people dont remember that.) Jeff Garcia, Brian Giese, Bruce Gradkowski, and I can tell when they have that IT! factor, and when they do not. I can tell you this, Josh Johnson has it and Josh Freeman does not!!

    Regardless, the Glazers are a bunch of DUMB ASSES!!
    Give me a break, you fire the one head coach that has taken you to the Super Bowl and has the winningest record in franchise history because he goes 9-7?? has the team ready to make the playoffs an it leaks out that Monte Kiffin is leaving, and the defense has a huge let down in th last 4 games and they dont make it?? So you replace him with a guy that has never been a HC and this is what you get! I wont even go into the veterans that got released.

    The Glazers are responsible for this debacle. Pure and simple.

    Either try to talk Dungy out of retirement or sell the team to Debartolo.
    For that matter, mamybe bring Gruden back, why not, he is still under contract.

    For a bunch of business men that care about the bottom line 1st, they sure look like a bunch of Idiots!!

  11. ninety9buc Says:

    Fire Raheem Morris and hire Derick Brooks!!