Chris Hovan Talks But Where Is His Play?

September 27th, 2009

Chris Hovan spoke on the Buccaneers Radio Network after the game. Sadly, Hovan didn’t talk about why he was nearly invisible. Hovan had more wrestling makeup on his face than he had dirt on his uniform.

“The Giants had a good game plan and they played on their terms,” Hovan said. “They ran when they wanted to; they threw when they wanted to. We needed to tackle the ballcarrier and hold them from getting extra yards.”

While he knows things are going well, Hovan tried to temper the panic Bucs fans are in.

“We are just three games into the season,” Hovan said. “We just have to keep fighting. The young guys are playing well. We know what we did wrong. Let’s correct them and go to Washington.”

Joe loves the guy and loves how outspoken he is. But at some time talk is cheap and empty. It would help if a guy who wants to be such a leader can’t back up his talk better than four tackles when the opponent has the ball for over 43 minutes.

9 Responses to “Chris Hovan Talks But Where Is His Play?”

  1. IAbucsfan Says:

    Joe- you should do a live chat during the games. It may help us fans from falling asleep during the games

  2. bucsfanlostiniowa Says:

    the live chat on Buc-Em got hijacked by some assholes today talking about race religion and politics i know the game was sad but really cmon

  3. grumpy4669 Says:

    Bucsfanlostiniowa (hey, nice game last night by Iowa by the way!), my highlight of the day was a slightly chubby woman with an above average natural rack (but not one I’d throw money at by any means) who tried to get aboard the pirate ship today, so maybe race, religion and politics may have been more interesting—NAWWW, boobies will ALWAYS win over politics or religion (but then again, i’m going to hell anyway, so why talk about religion????)

  4. grumpy4669 Says:

    But, about Joe’s article, Hovan has always been a blowhard who could NEVER back up his mouth–kind of like that piece of shit Clayton on the offensive side!!

  5. nick Says:

    what r yall talking about hovan was the only person on the line worth a shit….. ya’ll gonna praise adam’s next??? bad article joe

  6. grumpy4669 Says:

    Nick, Hovan can’t hold the jocks of most teams defensive linemen, but I see your point and will say the ENTIRE defensive line are pieces of shit, including that no-load Gaines Adams!!

  7. nick Says:

    ty grumpy

  8. ninety9buc Says:

    Hovan was cut by the Vikings. Does anyone remember that.

    He got on ESPN all the time because of his stupid face paint and long hair!

    Thats this guys whole SCHTICK. Its old.

    Besides if he would spend as much time practicing, lifting weights, and watching film, as he does drinking at south tampa bars he might get his name called more than once a game.

    Hovan is the least of our worries though. At least he makes a tackle now and then. Thats more than Gaines (what a joke) Adams does.

    Bring back BOOGER

  9. BigBucBossRoss Says:

    He has been the same player since he got here. Just like Mike Irvin said, “If he wasn’t white he would not get all of the attention that he gets!” By the way I am a white guy. He brings no pass rush, he is no good against the run, and he uses all of his energy during the game dancing between plays and timeouts. He can run his mouth all he wants about not tackling but if I am not mistaken we had a 4th and one yesterday and Bradshaw gained about 15 on the run. Where was Hovan, I know, he was getting blocked back 5 yards. Then he went after the ball carrier and low and behold if he didn’t just let Bradshaw break through his over painted grasp to get another 6 or 7 yards. What was it that my mom said,”Don’t throw stones in glass houses!” This is the ultimate team game and until we change the attitudes of guys like Hovan, Talib, and Adams we are going to see the same thing every week. That was an awful performance to watch. I knew they were going to be rebuilding, the schedule is extremely tough, and a rookie coach and front office would make it tough to win, but I sure didn’t think it would be tough to perform at an NFL type level. We do have NFL type players out there!!! They look like they have no ideal what is going on out there.