Giants 24, Bucs 0

September 27th, 2009

Giants 24, Bucs 0

Here are some thoughts of the Bucs loss to the Giants. And stay here. Joe’s coming with a flood of copy.

* Pretty good catch by Moss. Interestingly, the play came right after Dave Moore said on the Bucs radio network that the Giants wouldn’t throw any more unless they had to. Guess they had to?

* Should have been a defensive interference on Leftwich’s throw to Winslow that was incomplete.

* Dave Moore said this isn’t all Leftwich’s fault. He said receivers just aren’t open. Oh, and they also are are dropping balls. Pathetic.

* Hey, first attempt, first reception for Josh Johnson.

* First time the Bucs are in Giants territory. Thanks to a penalty of course.

* Antonio Bryant drops a pass. Figures.

* Johnson doing a nice job of dodging the Giants blitzes.

* First down. Joe smells a quarterback controversy.

* At least Johnson added some life into the Bucs. This team was dead. Comatose.

*”The Big Dog,” Steve Duemig of WDAE-AM 620 should enjoy this week. Counless people will be screaming for Johnson to start at Washington. Quarterback controversies make for busy call radio.

* With less than five minutes in the game, Joe finally heard Chris Hovan’s name called. Next time this guy wants to call out his teammates for horrid play (which wasn’t inaccurate and probably needed) he might want to show up for the game himself.

2 Responses to “Giants 24, Bucs 0”

  1. IAbucsfan Says:

    JJ really looked like he wanted to make a statement. You can tell the recievers aren’t use to a little zip on the ball. I wish he could get some extended playing time to see how he settles into a game. Mike Clayton should use some of that cash to have those bricks surgically removed

  2. grumpy4669 Says:

    Yeah, Deumig will love this game–it will give him plenty of opportunities to talk about how GREAT Clayton is again!! Unfortunately, Mark Dumbass must have been listening to Deumig singing Clayton’s praises over the spring/summer–thanks for nothing Big Dog!!!