Dominik Expects Bucs To Keep Four Quarterbacks

September 4th, 2009

It seems Josh Johnson will collect a paycheck from the Bucs in 2009

Chucky must be smiling back in his cozy Avila estate.

His handpicked former quarterback project Josh Johnson threw an early third-quarter interception, but settled into a nice rhythm against the Texans’ scrubs on Friday night. 

And then Bucs general manager Mark Dominik made Chucky smile.

Dominik said during the game broadcast — even before Johnson threw a sharp touchdown pass in traffic — that he expects Tampa Bay to have all four quarterbacks on their roster after cuts are made on Saturday.

Four quarterbacks!!! Again!!!

Joe just doesn’t agree, unless the Bucs are going to pursue any offer for Luke McCown. Joe has to believe the Glazers would love to dump his salary.

2 Responses to “Dominik Expects Bucs To Keep Four Quarterbacks”

  1. Tye Says:

    It is just seems ridiculous to keep 4 QBs especially when that spot will cost the Bucs a player for depth at another position. I know he has his fans but in all honesty JJ has the least purpose on the team and should be cut.

    Leftwich – Starter (unfortunitly)

    McCown – Backup (the smart move is to have a backup with some starter experience

    Freeman – The (Supposed) future of the franchise

    JJ – 3 injuries away from being a starter, receiving money and may never play a down this season, taking the place of someone that may actually be needed this season.

    Morris may be taking after Gruden more than anyone really knows!

  2. Seth McCartney Says:

    Josh Johnson is the Future, the Bucs can say it’s Freeman all they want but i have said it from the start that josh johnson is the most talented QB on the team. Bucs welcome to the future.