Do The Glazers Still Worship Parcells?

September 23rd, 2009

Long before billion-dollar soccer club Manchester United tickled the Glazer Boys fancy, and long before Malcolm Glazer was aroused by Jon Gruden and made a run at buying the Los Angeles Dodgers, there was an obsession among the Glazer clan.

His name was Bill Parcells.

The Tuna was the Glazers coach of choice when Tony Dungy was fired. And given the recent rumblings about Parcells leaving Miami,  Joe has to wonder whether there’s still a family fantasy about scoring the NFL’s traveling resurrectionist.

Yes, Parcells is currently the godfather of the Miami Dolphins, but he can bail with full pay at any time. And Joe’s friend Mike Florio at reports ESPN’s Chris Mortensen believes the Tuna will leave South Florida after the season.

So let Joe be the first to speculate that the Glazers might just be intrigued by another chance to nab their man.

14 Responses to “Do The Glazers Still Worship Parcells?”

  1. Chris Says:

    I am not trying to turn this into a money thing at all but who would not be interested in a guy that can put together a competitive team while using as little money as possible. That is what the Glazers want to do maximize the profitability of the organization. That is good business. Stay competitive and run lean. Patriots have run lean for years while being competitive. That is the new model of the NFL. Parcells is a great talent evaluator and that is where it begins. Talent that is underated that can be had cheap. Pieces that fit into the scheme. That is a dream of the Glazers and quite frankly as a fan and ticket holder it would not bother me in the least to see an organization run right.

  2. GofEH Says:

    Malcolm aroused by Jon Gruden? Ugh, come on Joe. I didn’t need that thought.

  3. Jeff Says:

    They would lose support and confidence from the players.

  4. PJ Says:

    As long as the Glazers continue to own both the Bucs and Man U, they will not spend the money on the Bucs. They bit off more than they could chew for Man U and the Bucs (and us the fans) are getting the short end of the stick. Parcells will cost money; money which the Glazers don’t have (or won’t spend on the Bucs). He has jilted the Buccaneer organization twice; once under the brutal Culverhouse regime (can’t blame the Tuna there) and again after the Dungy firing. I don’t think it will happen.

  5. ChinaJay Says:

    Parcells = ticket sales + increased coverage + guaranteed turnaround.

  6. mr. Lucky Says:

    Jeff – who cares if hiring Parcells upsets the players. Like I care what Gaines Adams thinks?

    PJ – stop parrotting about U Mann and the Glazers not spending $ will ya? I guess you forgot about the 9.7 MILLION they dropped on Antonio “bone bruise” Bryant? Or maybe you don’t remember that Private Winslow is the highest paid TE in the league? Did you forget that the Bucs offered Haynesworth a 35 MILLION contract that he turned down?

    ChinaJay – I hear ya man! Right on….

  7. PJ Says:

    Then why are we $30 million under the salary cap?

  8. Chris Says:

    nobody would talk about money if we were under the cap and winning. The Redskins are always over the cap signing big names and have struggled for years. Football is unique. It takes all parts coming together moving in the same direction to get the job done and parcells has proven to be a master at it.

  9. Joe Says:

    Football is unique. It takes all parts coming together moving in the same direction to get the job done and parcells has proven to be a master at it.

    Along with Dan Rooney.

  10. mr. Lucky Says:

    PJ – who the h*** cares about being under the salary cap?

    Crap is crap. PERIOD. Throwing money at unproven or unworthy talent – that’s what’s the problem with the Bucs.

    I notice you didn’t mention about the BIG BUCKS the Glazers spent of

    1. BRYANT
    2. WINSLOW
    3. FREEMAN

    I’m amazed at how other people listen to an idea on the radio and run with it. What a bunch of Kool-Aid drinkers.

    Hey PJ are you a big democrat fan too! SPEND, SPEND, SPEND…woo hoo there’s no tomorrow is there?

  11. Chris Says:

    Right on Joe.

  12. BigMacAttack Says:

    Mr. Lucky, I’m drinking your Kool-Aid, but I mixed in a couple shots of Absolute. I have to get ready for Sunday and the Infamous Sea of Blue. If they only win 1 game this year, I hope it’s this weekend with all those Giants Fans in the Stands.

  13. mr. Lucky Says:

    Hey Mac I would LOVE to see Eli on his back multiple times this weekend, if for nothing else than to shut up those NY fans in the stands. But instead of Absolute I recommend tequila. If you mix it with the lemonade Kool-aid it tasts just like Caybrew! Yum!

  14. Jorge Says:

    Seriously am I supposed to get another hard-on for the Tuna only to get the boys blue AGAIN!