Could This Be A Winless Season?

September 21st, 2009

Joe wrote this last night and it seems others are asking the same question:

When will the Bucs win a game?

Joe Henderson of the Tampa Tribune even suggests the Bucs are so bad, they could match the Lions of last year with a winless season.

So this morning we look at the 0-2 record for the Bucs after Sunday’s 33-20 loss against Buffalo. The Bucs talked about mistakes they made because those are correctable, but I’m seeing a team that got physically beaten on both sides of the ball and that’s not something you can easily fix.

They committed a preposterous 13 penalties for 112 yards, gave up two more long scoring passes and saw the game get away in the fourth quarter. They’re a bad team.

Logic will tell us there is too much football remaining. There are 14 of what players like to call “opportunities” left on the schedule. Surely there is enough talent and drive on this team to get at least a handful of victories. But you tell me – off what we’ve seen so far, where will that victory come? They get two shots at Carolina, so maybe they can grab one there. Or maybe not.

Joe is thinking the Redskins are vulnerable as are the Panthers. Either way, this is going to be a brutal season. Henderson is right: You can’t fix getting beat up on both sides of the ball.

7 Responses to “Could This Be A Winless Season?”

  1. Pete Says:

    Even the lions SHOULD have won a game last year. The 12-10 safety loss to Minnesota. The 76 Bucs were the worst team actually on the field as compared to the 08 Lions. Had the Bucs had another two games they would have been 0-16.

    Its real hard to be winless, somebody always creeps up and lets you have a chance. Only two winless teams in the modern era (and the 1960 Cowboys 0-11-1)

    The 08 Lions and the 76 Bucs were truly special. I don’t see this team being truly special. Just another of the many 1-15 or 2-14 pretenders to the ultimate prize = a winless season and a place in the record books.

    Will the Lions get to 0-26? The next Buc record that is in jeopardy. They are already at 0-19. But they do have the Rams…thank God!

  2. Bucked Up Says:

    It “could” be a winless season. But they will probably catch someone asleep at the wheel before the season ends.

    Lets hope that having to wear the creamsicle uniforms hasn’t tainted the whole season. Going o’fer wasnt a required part of the throwback deal.

  3. grumpy4669 Says:

    I agree with Pete, I think this will be a 1, at best 2, win season. I’m thinking Carolina may be the only team we can beat right now.

  4. Joe Says:

    Washington appears pretty shaky grumpy4669. Joe wouldn’t be surprised if Jim Zorn is canned in the next two weeks. Way too much talent there to be sucking as bad as they are.

  5. Tye Says:

    I think We can still cut Leftwich with no money owed. Is it possible to still trade for a decent veteran QB? I remember Testaverty coming in a few years ago in the season and winning the next game for the Jets. I am not big on Grossman but he did play well preseason. Just a thought (HOPE)!

  6. Joe Says:

    >>> Is it possible to still trade for a decent veteran QB? <<<

    Sure, but what's the point? Leftwich is just keeping the seat warm for Josh Freeman. Why trade for a decent quarterback (to be honest, there are better teams in more need of a quarterback [Philly] than the Bucs) when you might use him for only five or six games?

  7. Sgt Mike Says:

    Hey! if Jim Zorn gets fired maybe we could bring him back. He was one of our many bad QB’s from those crappy seasons many moons ago. Jim Zorn for QB comeback of the century with the Bucs.