Bucs-Cowboys Lowlights

September 13th, 2009

As one can expect, NFL.com has loads of video highlights long before the local highlight shows on local TV near midnight.

You are welcome.

First up are the game lowlights, replete with Gene Deckerhoff.

Next are some highlights Bucs fans should enjoy. First are highlights from Bryon Leftwich’s play and next is Cadillac Williams’ top plays.

And of course there’s the postgame press conference by Raheem the Dream.

Lastly, Rich Eisen, Steve Mariucci and Deion Sanders discuss the Bucs loss.

5 Responses to “Bucs-Cowboys Lowlights”

  1. Sinfonian Says:

    I was at the game today. It was pretty pathetic. I’ve always liked Sabby as a player, but although he can tackle, dude CAN. NOT. COVER. Running game looks strong, maybe because of a solid O-line (first time in team history, I think, and I go back to ’77 with the Bucs), but either they stink in pass protection or Leftwich just holds onto the ball too long. I’m inclined to believe the latter.

    One question, as I’m new here (found you via Twitter): are you intentionally calling Leftwich “Bryon” nearly every time, or is that just a frequent typo? I know I’m pedantic, but it drives me a little crazy … 😉

    Great site. I’ll be back regularly.

  2. Joe Says:


    Thanks for checking in and glad you found Joe.

    To answer your question, typo. 🙂 Joe will be more careful.

    Glad you like the site. By all means tell your Bucs friends about Joe.

  3. Jeff Says:

    You are a Big Dog Want-a-Be…..

    There were a lot of positives from the game. Running, sacks??, interceptions??, tight end play, D-line., O-line, ………..

    Quit Bitching

  4. Joe Says:

    Happy about the loss Jeff?

  5. Tye Says:

    Some people just try to hold on to their beliefs by grasping for whatever they can.
    The running game is their only hope so they should quit passing so much, or at least for the time that Leftwich is playing!