Brooks Could Land With Team After Week 1

September 11th, 2009

Like Joe and many others, Vacation Man of is astounded Derrick Brooks is still unemployed.

Joe has long contended it’s a financial issue; not for lack of ability to play. Vacation Man is of the same mind.

Writing on his NFC South blog, Vacation Man noted that it’s possible if Brooks is to play again, it will be after the first game of the season.

But this one might not be over just yet. Always keep money in mind when you’re talking about personnel moves. Maybe one reason no team signed Brooks before the first game is because that would guarantee his salary for an entire season. If Brooks signs with a team after its first game, nothing is guaranteed.

I don’t think Brooks is completely off the Saints’ radar and there could be other teams looking for a linebacker after Week 1. You might be hearing about Brooks landing somewhere next week.

Joe would hate for Brooks to end his career wearing those garish black and gold colors of the Saints. But that would be better than being unwanted.

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