Training Camp Guide/Hire This Woman!

August 1st, 2009

Joe stumbled upon a Bucs training camp tutorial by a lovely lass named Kristin McTaggart on Joe was unfamiliar with this woman. Naturally being a curious sort, Joe turned to his friend Google for some quick research.

Seems as though this fetching McTaggart is also a Bucs cheerleader. And dare Joe say she has, well, a camera presence? She’s quite polished posing as a reporter of sorts. Naturally, Joe was impressed.

This video on gives fans a breakdown on what to expect while attending both training camp and tonight’s practice at the CITS. Joe learned from McTaggart that training camp consessions will be 50 percent off game day prices (it was one of the few things Joe heard her say).

In short, if there is a local TV station general manager looking for a polished reporter who will rivet Bucs fans’s eyes to the tube, hire this woman! McTaggart told Joe, in the video, she does have a journalism degree.

For more video evidence of McTaggart’s, um, talents, see below:

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