Training Camp At One Buc Place Special

August 20th, 2009

OK Gators fans, Joe’s thinking of you. This will be the first of three Gators-related Bucs posts today.

First, Joe has a special announcement. Joe wants to extend a warm greeting to a Bucs fan favorite and an overall great guy, Scot Brantley, the former Bucs (and Gators) linebacker and sports radio  personality.

Scot will offer his insight on the Bucs for readers. Naturally, he will focus on defense but Scot, who was “known for his ferocious hitting,” will chime in on everything Bucs. Scot even promised to work in some Gators talk from time to time.

Though he hasn’t been on the local talk radio airwaves in recent months, Scot still works for the Gators radio network. And these days when he’s not home in Tampa, he’s traveling throughout central Florida on the rubber chicken circuit getting football fans ready for the upcoming college season. This week Scot has been at various Gators football functions in Ocala and Gainesville. Today he has the task of hanging with Urban Meyer.

For his first post, Scot talks about training camp at One Buc Palace. He attended a Bucs alumni gathering there this week.

The great thing I’ve seen is training camp at One Buc. I’ve seen training camp in Orlando. Man, that’s Mickey’s world. That is a five-star hotel world. This is training camp? You’ve got to be kidding me?

People from all over the world go to Disney.  You mention Florida to people all over the world and they say, “Disney.” But they don’t know football. They don’t care about football. You’re in the middle of all that in the heat of the summer. I didn’t like it.

Training camp at One Buc, that was first class. You play the game for the fans. Having that first night practice as the stadium I thought was genius. It gave everyone an opportunity to see what goes on, how the offensive line works, how the defense works on goal line stands, everything.

At One Buc you had your own locker, it was football. Training camp over there was class.

The alumni function at practice was wonderful. We got to talk to the coaches and players. That’s something that didn’t happen with [Jon] Gruden. I was glad to see the Bucs embrace the team’s history.

One Response to “Training Camp At One Buc Place Special”

  1. BigMacAttack Says:

    Hey Scot, as a former LB, what are your thoughts on Quincy Black and Adam Hayward? They both appear to be in great condition.

    If you were the Bucs’ coach, would you have drafted Freeman this year or waited until next year and drafted Tebow, McCoy, Bradford? or none of the above?