The Sights And Sounds Of Day Three

August 4th, 2009
Bucs wide receiver Sammie Stroughter is nearly a blur hes so fast.

Bucs wide receiver Sammie Stroughter blows past everyone in practice Monday. photographer/producer Cliff McBride has a cool feature that basically brings the sights and sounds (though not the smells) of Bucs training camp to the masses of the World Wide Web.

As part of the package, McBride captures sound bytes from Raheem The Dream.

It’s a cool presentation and readers will enjoy clicking on the link above. In this video, Dan Lucas and Woody Cummings discuss the Bucs training camp. Apparently linebacker Angelo Crowell is having some physical issues. Who knew?

Why, hearing the pads crack and seeing the players sweat, it’s enough for Joe to grab a Caybrew.

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