The Dream Throws The Gauntlet Down On Adams

August 3rd, 2009

Nothing like getting challenged by the new head coach.

That appears to be what happened between Raheem The Dream and third-year defensive end Gaines Adams.

Raheem the Dream said in the opening days of training camp that he expects no less than “double-digit sacks” from the former first round pick, as documented by Vacation Man of

“Double-digit sacks,” Morris said. “That is what he is going to be graded on. There is no secret about it. I have no problem telling Gaines, ‘Hey Gaines, if you don’t do it this year, then you are going to be considered a bust.’ I told him that in the team meeting. I tell him that every once in a while when we walk out together. He can’t wait. He is embracing it, and he is going to come out ready to play. There is no other thing that is going to define Gaines Adams more than his sacks and production. Production speaks volumes.”

Yup. And Joe loves that the new coach is calling out a former first round draft pick.

Look, Joe has nothing against Adams. Has he been a disappointment? Sure. But he’s hardly a bust… yet. He has shown some signs of being very good. But Adams is pretty much a two-trick pony.

Adams has one move to the quarterback (running as far outside as NFL rules allow) and pass coverage in the flat. Other than that, Joe doesn’t see much in Adams.

But Joe is hopeful the man who molded Jason Taylor, current Bucs defensive coordinator Jim Bates, can get the best out of Adams.

One other thing to keep in mind: The three guys responsible for bringing Adams here, Bruce Almighty, Chucky and Monte Kiffin, are long gone.

One Response to “The Dream Throws The Gauntlet Down On Adams”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Does that mean if Gaines doesn’t have at LEAST 10 sack that Raheem will be looking for a new DE? I hear the 2010 crop has some good potentials…