Sunday Camp Fodder

August 2nd, 2009
Sabby Piscitelli put himself through a solo tackling workout after Sundays practice.

Sabby Piscitelli put himself through a solo tackling workout after Sunday's practice.

Joe’s loving training camp at One Buc Place. Not a bad seat in the house, and it’s easy to move around. Plus you’re close enough to reach out and grab the cheerleaders and/or the lovely Roxanne Wilder, who — and Joe will save her a Twitter post here — appears to be consistently shaving her legs.

Some practice observations:

*Antonio Bryant clearly works on those one-hand catches, of the variety we saw in Carolina last year. Nice.

*Extreme heat and Bucs cheerleaders are a great combination.

*Wide receiver hopeful Kelly Campbell had two consecutive drops in a drill where receivers run in one direction, then come back to the ball and have a QB drill it at them. …Campbell seemed to make up for it looking extra sharp later and catching a “wow” touchdown throw in tight coverage from Luke McCown.

*Sammie Stroughter has great hands.

*Byron Leftwich and Luke McCown split a majority of the reps, with Josh Freeman getting some work and little for Josh Johnson. Clearly, McCown is a standout over Leftwich, who fumbled a snap, had a sure pick dropped by Tanard Jackson, and just didn’t look sharp or into it.

*Freeman was picked in the flat by Donte Nicholson. Bad telegraphed throw all the way. 

*After practice, Sabby Piscitelli sprinted to the tackling sled to get in about 10 minutes of tackling work. Joe’s going to give him a break for surely being exhausted, but it would have been nice if Sabby gave the kids yelling to him from 5 feet away the time of day.  …. Also after practice, Dexter Jackson worked with the kick/punt returning team, which he didn’t practice with during the regular session.

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