Sammie Stroughter And The Florida Sun

August 8th, 2009

Joe has made no secret of his hopes that seventh-round draft pick Sammie Stroughter makes the team. After what he has gone through in recent years, if anyone deserves to make an NFL team it’s Stroughter.

But if there is an obstacle standing in Stroughter’s way, it’s not learning the offense nor beating the defenders.

It’s the Florida sun.

A native of northern California who played his college football at Oregon State, Stroughter isn’t used to humidity much less many 90-degree days.

Here in the Tampa Bay area, Stroughter is learning to cope with the brutal Florida sun.

“Man, it’s a beast,” Stroughter said after practice Saturday morning, which actually ended early afternoon. “It’s an absolute beast today. It doesn’t get like this in Oregon. No!”

Despite being so wet with sweat it appeared he just stepped out of a pool, Strougher beamed with an ear-to-ear smile signing autographs for all who wanted one while that “beast” of a sun beat down on him.

Joe really likes Stroughter and sure hopes he somehow finds his way on the roster. Joe wishes nothing but the best for him.

2 Responses to “Sammie Stroughter And The Florida Sun”

  1. george c. costanza Says:

    Joe, if you get a chance, you need to tell Sammie that humidity is good for the skin pores. Keeps them hydrates. Women say it’s good for their complexion. He wouldn’t want to be in Phoenix. That kinda heat will wreck your skin pores. Thanks, Joe.

  2. Joe Says:


    That’s precisely why Joe lives in Florida, aside from the temperate winters of course.