Roy Miller A Future “Marquee Player”

August 6th, 2009

Joe has written before that he thinks the Bucs third round pick from this spring’s draft, Roy Miller, will turn out to be a very good pick.

The moment the Bucs picked him, despite Joe hoping the Bucs would pick wide receiver/return specialist Derrick Williams of Penn State (who went to Detroit on the next pick), when Miller’s name was announced Joe thought to himself, “That’s a Jim Bates pick.”

Apparently, Joe isn’t the lone person to think this. Tom Korun of WFTS-TV writes on the station’s website that he is of the mind the University of Texas product will be a “marquee player.”

Miller and I have spoken three times, the latest conversation on Wednesday.

I ask players specific questions, assessing their demeanor and answers.

With Miller, I liked what I heard and I liked what I saw in his eyes. CONVICTION.

I pressed him three times on his place on that defensive line. His response was one I expected, but his look told me otherwise.

You see, Miller knows his place on this team. He’s a rookie who totes veteran Chris Hovan’s shoulder pads around. But Miller has the physical attributes, the mind, and the “streak” as he called it, to thrive in the NFL trenches. At least, that’s the way we see it.

Joe hates to put any undo pressure on Miller. But if the Bucs defense is to do anything this year, Miller will have to play a significant role in plugging what was a porous defensive front line last December.

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