“Learn To Love To Be Miserable”

August 8th, 2009
The taskmaster-in-chief wants the Bucs to embrace suffering in the sweltering heat

The taskmaster-in-chief wants the Bucs to embrace suffering in the sweltering heat

Raheem The Dream has simple rules for training camp: 1) Put the pads on. 2) Get on the practice field. 3) Sweat and work your ass off.

“Learn To Love To Be Miserable,” The Dream likes to say.

Raheem the Dream was interviewed after morning practice today by Justin Pawlowski, of 620 WDAE-AM, The Sports Animal.

“Toughness is habitual,” The Dream said. “You’ve got to practice like it. You can’t just talk about it.” He named Carolina, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Pittsburgh and “now Atlanta” as physical teams that bring it every game.

As has been the case throughout his brief tenure, Raheem The Dream didn’t shy away from dropping praise and calling out players.

On who’s standing out [for their toughness] at practice, The Dream was quick to answer.

“Our O-line … John Gilmore, when he steps in there he’s angry. He’s violent. … Tanard Phillips, Jermaine Phillips. … You see Geno Hayes stepping up his demeanor. …Antonio Bryant not avoiding tackles in practice. …Roy Miller is tough, physical. Done everthing we’ve asked.”

And The Dream fired a shot at fourth round pick Kyle Moore out of the University of Southern California. He said Moore has not been consistent with his effort in the heat on a daily basis. “I tell him. ‘You have to learn to love to be miserable,'” The Dream said.

The head coach also talked about D-lineman Dre Moore’s improvment. “Dre Moore, I told him flat out, ‘I did not like you.'”  

To close the interview, The Dream gave one reason why he’s having so much fun at training camp: “We got the cheerleaders dancing now on water breaks,” The Dream said.

7 Responses to ““Learn To Love To Be Miserable””

  1. J Lynch says Says:

    Just saw the special needs kids on fox 13 . Good to see them enjoying themselves, I had a hard time distuinglng them from Coach Morris they look a little smarter…

  2. RastaMon Says:

    Was he refering to the fans……….

  3. george c. costanza Says:

    I’m rather new to the site, Joe, so I have a question. About what percentage of your readers/commenters are imbeciles like J. Lynch. Just a ballpark guess is what I’m looking for. Thanks, Joe.

  4. Mr. Media Says:

    Costanza – I don’t know if you classify me as an imbecile, but I don’t care. Although I agree J. Lynch is one.

    I’d imagine Joe has so many readers taht he doesn’t have a good handle on their personalities. Everybody in my office is hooked on this site.

  5. Joe Says:

    Mr. Media:

    Sounds like your office is Joe’s kinda workplace. Joe’s always looking for a few extra bucks. Ya’ hiring? 🙂

  6. Jorge Says:

    J. Lynch are you serious…”distuinglng”…

    Wow! LMAO!!! Do you see the irony you idiot…You are calling Raheem stupid while you yourself…never mind, keep using “distuinglng” it makes you sound “Distinguild”…

  7. BigMacAttack Says:

    “Learn To Love To Be Miserable”…my wife tells me that every day.