Olson, Freeman Developing A Bond

August 21st, 2009

Joe’s cleaning out his notebook today.

Some months ago, Joe indirectly feared a strong season by the Bucs. That’s not to say Joe isn’t rooting for the Bucs — hardly! Joe is nearly certain that if the Bucs were to shock people and make the playoffs, offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski would be a hot commodity for a head coaching job.

And if Jagodzinski leaves, that may cripple the development of rookie quarterback Josh Freeman.

But maybe Joe shouldn’t concern himself with Jagodzinksi, but with quarterbacks coach Greg Olson. Just judging by the way Freeman spoke of Olson last week after the game in Nashville, Freeman already has developed a trusting bond with the Bucs assistant coach.

Freeman looked smooth in his pro debut, despite the fact the Titans defense, which was sitting back in a zone, decided to attack Freeman. Freeman said he expected that.

“We were well prepared,” Freeman said. Tennessee “came off their base when I came in, that’s when they brought the pressure. I think I handled it well, other than the sack, because coach Olson does a great job of preparing us. Everything we saw we were prepared for.”

That preparation also eased Freeman into the speed of the NFL. While he admitted that compared to college, the NFL speed was “up a notch,” he again paid homage to Olson.

“We had a few practices against the defense where things got a little heated,” Freeman said. “Its definetly a little fast. The Titans defense picked it up a notch but I think I elevated my game a notch as well.”

Thanks to Olson, Freeman said, “I try to come into the game with an open mind.”

Just a hunch, but if Jagodzinski happens to leave the Bucs after the season for a head coaching gig, Olson will be offered the job as the Bucs new offensive coordinator.

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