Nasty Accusations Are Pitiful

August 6th, 2009

just-joe-300x2651A man in a leadership position at a colorful Bucs fan magazine has spread lies about

Joe has learned of this via multiple sources. And these sources are completely independent of each other.

This is very sad.

This man has accused Joe of stealing published content from the Web site operated by the colorful magazine. Joe feels compelled to report that these accusations are grossly and completely false.

Joe does not, and will not take accusations of plagiarism lightly.

Readers of know that everything Joe writes is sourced according to Associated Press style, in addition to long-standing journalism ethics. Readers are free to browse the archives.

The founders of have impeccable reputations in the Tampa Bay area journalism and media communities. Given the fact’s founders still work in the local MSM, Joe considers these outrageous allegations personal and beyond the pale.

It’s sad that Joe’s colleague has stooped to such a level. In short, if said individual who is in a leadership position at the colorful Bucs magazine is so confident Joe is stealing, Joe’s sure the alleged victim will produce said evidence. But it’s hard to concoct evidence when there is none.

As always, Joe thanks his tens of thousands of monthly readers for their loyal support.

14 Responses to “Nasty Accusations Are Pitiful”

  1. Dave O Says:

    Unacceptable! How very “Benarzyk” of them.
    I order these weenies to walk the plank!

  2. Tankee Says:

    In the world of truly meaningless sports events and media bickering, I don’t think I would want to mess with Joe.

  3. Joe Couch Potato Says:

    Unbelievable. Looks like Joe has made the big time.

  4. Mr. Media Says:

    I read both you and “the colorful magazine.” They’re both good for Bucs fans. It’s sad to hear of them trying to sabotage you. Obviously you’re not copying anything. Joe is really a very straightforward concept just very well written. I think that’s where you have an edge among all the blogs and sites. Hope you all can play nice

  5. Joe Says:

    Mr. Media:

    People can call Joe all sorts of things and Joe really doesn’t care so long as the Caybrews are cold and Rachel Watson is still on the Bucs sidelines.

    Um, wait a minute…

    But when Joe is accused of stealing other people’s work, that will quickly get Joe’s attention. Joe won’t look the other way on that.

    Very sad that people have to lie like that. Joe doesn’t understand but he won’t ignore it either.

    Thanks for the kind words Mr. Media. Much appreciated!

  6. Ron Nado Says:

    I have to admit, I just started reading your articles a few months ago, sorry Joe. I did not know about this site, but since then this is my 1st site that I check out when looking for my Buc news!! I find your articles to be more interesting with an honest opinion. You also hold your own words accountable and admit to any misjudgements that you might have had at one time or another. Example: Mr. Winslow, Which you have even stuck by your word and have’nt called him Sgt. ……. since then. I enjoy your site and hope to one day maybe even get lucky and talk Buc ball with you. Keep up the good work Joe!
    Like the other reader said, now you know you made the big time!

  7. James from Dunedin Says:

    No worries Joe. They are just upset that they dont have any subscribers, and that you have fantastic free content.

  8. TpaBayFlyFisher Says:

    You know that there are lawyers for that…………..

  9. alex Says:

    I don’t always agree with you… in fact, I disagree with a lot of your commentary. But when it comes to Bucs talk, you’re the first place I go.

    Don’t let the man keep you down.

  10. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe Mr Lucky appreciates you, your efforts and will do his best to “dispell” some of those ugly rumors that PukerReport puts out there.

    For instance:

    It’s not true that Joe drinks strawberry daqueries rather than Caybrew

    It’s not true that Joe smokes Virginia Slims rather than Bucerano cigars

    It’s also not true that Joe was seen with a camera outside of Rachael Watson’s house last Saturday night…ok maybe that last rumor has SOME truth to it…:)

  11. Joe Says:


    Thank you all for all the kind words and support. When Joe decided to launch this site (and, he did so because he thought there was a niche where one can not only write about the Bucs, but do so in an entertaining way.

    Just judging by your comments, and our traffic which just continues to grow and grow and grow (and we have the numbers to document the growth) Joe has come to a conclusion that yes, there is a market for entertaining yet informative Bucs talk.

    As a result, Joe is humbled. The end of the month is Joe’s first anniversary. And if the traffic that Joe has recorded in the first week holds true, Joe will shatter his previous monthly record.

    In fact, when Joe sees the numbers (which Joe checks first thing each morning) he is so motivated to do even more that Joe neglects other things that he shouldn’t (like work and sleep). If people keep coming, Joe feels a responsibility to do more.

    Joe has no shame in admitting when he is wrong. Joe also has no problem poking fun at himself. But when someone accuses Joe of out right stealing, Joe’s won’t sit for galling lies like that.

    Thanks again guys for all your kind words. By all means tell your friends about us.

  12. Joe Says:


    In fact, Joe will be making an appearance with his good friends at Caybrew, along with the Caybrew girls (who Joe hopes to become intimate with) Friday evening at the Angry Pepper in Maderia Beach.

    All are welcome. Joe will have more on this Friday.

    Thanks again for the kind words Ron.

  13. Jorge Says:

    Dave O,

    LOL, exactly…

  14. Ben Drawbaugh Says:

    A typical shallow traditional media attack on new media. Let them say what they want as they’ll be out of business before you know it. I mean have you tried to read that site? The layout is terrible and the content doesn’t make up for it.