Matt Bryant Is Having A Bad Day

August 11th, 2009

When Joe’s stuck at work during morning practice, he’s heavily monitoring the musings from the TBO gang both on and Twitter. Joe thinks they are doing the best to bring Bucs fans virtually on the field.

To be fair, good guy Backwards Hat, aka Rick Brown, of the Lakeland Ledger is Twittering away like mad, too. Good stuff.

Via this multimedia information, Joe has learned kicker Matt Bryant is having a bad day. Really bad. Let’s let the TBO gang tell the story.

11:19: Not sure why this was the case, but after his last of three kicks in a field goal drill, K Matt Bryant walked away looking disgusted and throwing his helmet. Bryant has had a rough camp. He’s coming off a hamstring strain and is in close competition with Mike Nugent for the position.

Things actually got worse for Bryant later, specifically for a young man named Kevin Jackson, Jr., 7, who was drilled in the face by one of Bryant’s kicks.

11:31: K Matt Bryant just made a 35-yard kick, but accidentally hurt a 7-year old in the process. That happened when Bryant’s kick sailed through the uprights, but the ball was not caught by the net.

Instead, Bryant’s ball hit the bottom of the net and landed directly on the nose of Kevin Jackson Jr., 7, who was walking with his family. Jackson’s nose immediately started bleeding hard and he started crying.

Whoever posted that item (Woody Cummings… eye-RAH! Kaufman… Anwar Richardson?) noted this was Jackson’s first Bucs practice. He was taken to the first aid tent for treatment.

Joe suspects the young Bucs fan will never forget it. Poor guy.

Something tells Joe if Jackson hangs in there, the Bucs might give him a special treat for being a wounded warrior.

[UPDATE: Sure enough, via, Raheem The Dream sought out the little boy and made sure to chat with him and gave him a game ball. Cool.]

[UPDATE II: Maybe this is why Bryant tossed his helmet? The dean of Tampa Bay sports radio, “The Big Dog,” Steve Duemig is reporting via his Facebook account that Bryant strained his hamstring (again). That doesn’t bode well for his short-term plans of remaining on the Bucs roster.]

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  1. oar Says:

    Game ball or the one with the nose imprint?