Leftwich To Start Against Jags

August 16th, 2009

As Raheem the Dream has pointed out before, don’t read too much into who is starting in the preseason games and who isn’t.

In his postgame comments Saturday after the loss to the Titans, Raheem the Dream again said that Byron Leftwich will be the starting quarterback against Jacksonville this week.

If you ask Joe, that’s the way it should be.

Joe loves Luke McCown. Great guy. But he just hasn’t done enough (yet) to be named the Bucs starter when the season begins against Dallas. In practices, Leftwich has been slowly pulling away from McCown in the race for the starting nod. And last night, McCown, to be polite, looked frazzled.

Shoot, rookie Josh Freeman seemed more calm and composed in the pocket than McCown.

Again, don’t read so much into who is starting and who isn’t. But if McCown doesn’t have a big rebound, this quarterback duel is just about done.

11 Responses to “Leftwich To Start Against Jags”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Joe after what I saw I think the competition should be between Luke McCown & Josh Johnson on who gets cut.

  2. Nickbucsfan Says:

    i second that motion…..

  3. JK Says:

    I don’t think it is going to make a difference who plays quarterback this season. My first impression is the defense is small and will wear down in the second half of games this season. Just like last season. I think the quarterback will bear the burden all season.

  4. Mike Says:

    We need a running QB because if Clayton and/or Bryant are out for an extended period once the season starts, we have no other WRs worth a damn. What a collection of crap we saw last night…

  5. Mark Says:

    well what I saw JK was a starting defense that was ON THE FIELD make plays and turnovers, and all the reserves blew it in the second half

  6. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Mike, If Byron is the QB then yeah we need some WR’s who can catch those rockets he was throwing. I wasn’t overly impressed with any WR in fact I was sick of watching Stovell blow it again and again – I would cut him soon. Dexter Jackson? He didn’t impress me at all. Sammie – sure I was rooting for him but he didn’t do enough to climb that far up the depth chart.

    JK – the defense in the 2nd half was, how to say this kindly, SUCKY. Our 1st team looked ok – especially against the run shutting down the Titans running game. The problem? They didn’t play nearly long enough.

    Personally I’m a little tired of “saving” the starters because the coaches are worried about injuries. What about injuries in practice? Should the players not practice either? I thought Raheem preached about a rough/tough/physical team!!!

    Let’s be honest and can all this 4 preseason games, reduce the number to 2 and add 2 games to the regular season. As a concession to the players increase the roster size to 60 players.

  7. Joe Says:

    Mr. Lucky:

    Joe’s concession to the players for two extra regular season games (and two less preseason games) would be to have two bye weeks each season. Of course their salaries should be raised 20 percent for the extra two games played.

    If coaches whine about the lack of preseason games, they can have scrimmages with other teams that they used to have all the time.

  8. Jorge Says:

    Some of you talk right out of your @$$, huh?

    I was incredibly down on Lefty, before last night, he did impress…

    And am I hearing this right, you guys think he throws too hard? Please, if it hits their hands they are supposed to catch it–>Period…

    1st and 2nd team defense played very well against 1st and 2nd team AFC powerhouse running play action team…Why would any of you guys want our 1st and 2nd team players playing against a nobody with something to prove–>Thinking to himself if I lay out K2 I’ll get on the highlight reel…Screw that! Rah played it just how every good coach does…

  9. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Hey I’m not saying Bryon throws TOO hard but yeah his passes had LOTS of zip on them. Personally I’m of the belief that if it touches the WR hands they need to catch it PERIOD. Bryon moved to my #1 on the Depth chart. Johnson moved to #2, Freeman #3 and Luke slid down to #4

    As for our first teams – they played a lot less than the Titans first teams. Collins played almost the first half. As for playing it safe – safe doesn’t get you into the playoffs but it DOES get you top 10 draft picks

  10. BigMacAttack Says:

    Leftwich can wing it down the field but lacks control in his medium distance and short, which includes velocity. I agree with Lucky. Raheem made a lot of excuses for McCown today, re: pewter report

  11. JK Says:

    Throwing too hard! That’s what the local media said about Doug Williams! Those who forget the past ARE condemned to repeat it.