How Bout Them Cowboys Tickets?

August 8th, 2009

As Joe waits for practice to start this morning at One Buc Place, he can’t get blackouts out of his head. No, not blackouts caused by drinking too much Caybrew; Bucs games off local television this season.

These games must sell out to avoid the ugly stain of blackouts. It would be such a horrendous occurrence for the Bucs and the community.

A quick search for available tickets on opening day against the Cowboys has Joe concerned. This morning a pair was easily found in section 312, Row DD. They’re $89 each plus tax and fees.  

That’s a pretty darn good seat at about the 20 yard line. That means much lousier seats are still out there for the taking, as well.

Joe just can’t believe the Bucs will have unsold seats on opening day. It just can’t happen. Can it?

4 Responses to “How Bout Them Cowboys Tickets?”

  1. BigMacAttack Says:

    It won’t happen if they give the unsold tickets to the Soldiers at McDill or to the cops or firemen that protect us all and keep us safe. The guys that get paid a small fraction of what they’re true value is, unlike pro athletes that get paid hundreds of times more than they’re worth. The Glazers have spent more on advertising than what all the unsold tickets combined would cost. I guarantee it. TV ads aren’t cheap and neither is print. They should advertise on where the real Buc fans come for news and pics of the hot babes.

  2. David Says:

    There are plenty of Cowboys fans in Florida so there is no way that this game will not be sold out. As a Rays fan, I’m used to the opposing team having more fans than the home team.

  3. Pete Says:

    My seats are in 312 Row DD. More like on the 30 yard line but I really like my penthouse view of the whole field. Also face value is $75 so someone is gouging 🙂 Dallas fans will buy up the tickets, as will Giants, Jets and Packer fans. Now Carolina and New Orleans??? who knows, usually lots of Atlanta fans show up too.

  4. cowboys tickets Says:

    There are so many cowboys fans. It’s impossible that the tickets will not sold out.