High On Quincy

August 8th, 2009

This story in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune jumped out at Joe for one reason: veteran Bucs beat writer Tom Balog comes right out and says Quincy Black will be a starting linebacker.

Joe Barry, the Tampa Bay linebackers coach, explained why the 2007 third-round draft pick from New Mexico will remain on the field for every down.

“You’ve got to find a way to keep an explosive athlete like that on the field,” Barry said. “You don’t realize he’s that big because he can move and change direction.

“One thing that is special with Quincy is even if he doesn’t get a great key, a great read or even if he makes a false read, he’s so fast, so quick and so explosive he physically can make up for a potential mistake,” Barry said.

With young LB Geno Hayes impressing in camp, Angelo Crowell, with his bad hamstring and big contract, is looking like the Bucs’ new bust-in-waiting. Joe heard there’s a veteran linebacker out there with a stack of Pro Bowls under his belt who will play for far less than Crowell’s $3.5 million.

One Response to “High On Quincy”

  1. Jolly Rodger Says:

    I love Black coming out of college. Actually thought he would be competing with Ruud for MLB position. I like the way they are moving him around and taking advantage of his athleticism.