Geno Hayes Stands Out

August 29th, 2009

As usual, the good folks at have a video review of Thursday night’s game, complete with highlight looks you won’t find anywhere else and snippets from Raheem The Dream’s news conference on Friday.

Raheem The Dream singled out Geno Hayes as his Thursday star, talking about Hayes’ standout work on special teams and his performance as a starting linebacker.

Hayes sure showed his quickness at linebacker Thursday, and his young legs let him fly on special teams, too.

Joe hopes he can physically handle the entire season at that pace.

One Response to “Geno Hayes Stands Out”

  1. Spent Says:

    I think Hayes will fare fine at wlb. He was tutored under DB and is an animal. If black and hayes show up this year, we could have one of the youngest and best LB cores in the league.

    On a side note…I know how much Joe loves Rachael Watson…So here’s the motherload. Enjoy! 😀