Did A Derrick Brooks Curse Claim Another LB?

August 28th, 2009

Adam Hayward, another player trying to win Derrick Brook’s old weakside linebacker position, left the Miami game with an injured ankle.

No official word on the severity from the Bucs. But it seemed like it could be quite serious.

Now Joe’s starting to get goosebumps, as if there’s a ghost in the house.

Jermaine Phillips was recently kicked swiftly out of the weakside linebacker spot to return to safety, after Tanard Jackson was suspended for four games. Before that, linebacker Angelo Crowell, who signed a lucrative contract in the offseason, went down for the year. Crowell has significant NFL experience playing at weakside linebacker.

That’s three linebackers down in a matter of weeks.

Joe has to believe a mysterious Derrick Brooks curse might be at play.

Of course, Geno Hayes, who started Thursday at the position, is healthy as a horse. Brooks has been mentoring Hayes, his fellow Florida State Seminole. So it makes sense that Hayes wouldn’t be affected.

If Hayward has a significant ankle injury, the Bucs really need to get Brooks in for a workout. Forgetting for a moment that it’s Brooks, and that he’s healthy and eager, the Bucs need another linebacker.

One Response to “Did A Derrick Brooks Curse Claim Another LB?”

  1. Mike Says:

    Add another one. Cato June was placed on IR today by the Texans after breaking his forearm in a scrimmage against the Saints, getting his arm tangled up with Jeremy Shockey.