Bucs At Jags Fourth Quarter Thoughts

August 22nd, 2009

13:45 Johnson forced that pass (incompletion) because he was about to eat dirt.

13:02 Bucs defense more than solid on third down. Jags 0-9 on third down conversions.

12:34 This sucks: Huggins knee injury. Won’t return.

11:15 Though he didn’t get a first down, B.J. Askew has been getting some decent yardage.

10:38 Beautiful read by E.J. Biggers on the failed pitch out for a five-yard loss.

9:39 Bucs are still shutting out the Bucs on third down conversions.

9:14 Strange looking at the Bucs sideline and not seeing Chucky or Monte Kiffin.

8:37 Johnson moving the ball. Again.

6:55 Askew just keeps on rolling.

5:10 Cortez Hankton nearly pulls in a touchdown from Johnson.

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