Barrett Ruud Speaks

August 1st, 2009

Bucs linebacker Barrett Ruud talked with Joe’s good friend Justin Pawlowski of WDAE-AM 620 Saturday and spoke about why he’s in camp and what’s going on with his contract.

Justin Pawlowski: Why are you here?

Barrett Ruud: I have to learn a new defense. It’s my first new defense I’ve had to learn in four years. I need to learn. It’s valuable to be here.

I might be a tad behind but after such a long layoff from OTAs, everyone needs to catch up. Everyone has to go over the terminology and be refreshed with the terminology. Everyone is starting from scratch a little bit at training camp.

JP: How are your contract negotiations going?

BR: As far as contract negotiations, there really haven’t been any so I guess we’re far apart.

JP: How far have you come as a rookie?

BR: I can’t say I am surprised. There’s not that many people here longer than I have. I am the old guy. Not a whole lot of old guys here any longer. Kind of scary to think about but there’s not a lot of longevity in this league. To be one of those guys it makes you want to work harder.

JP: Are you going to try to be a leader?

BR: I won’t change my approach too much. I just lead by example. I may go up to a guy and ask if he wants some help or wants to watch some film. I am not into motivational speeches. I just lead on the field and lead in the weightroom.

JP: Tell us about Jim Bates?

BR: Zach Thomas played his best under Jim Bates. Bates pretty much keeps you in the same spot whereas Monte Kiffin moved you all around. With Bates I know where I am supposed to be. With Bates, you concentrate more on the offense not so much where you are supposed to be. I just worry now about the offense.

It’s weird without Monte. Both Monte and Bates are alike. They are old guys who are very excitable and fun to be around. They both can communicate well and motivate and have fun. They are a lot of alike.

JP: What’s it like playing for Raheem?

BR: It’s fun. It’s a little bit different wearing pads more. With Gruden he was more worried about reps, so long as you got your reps in. Ra wants you to be more physical. Hey, football is football. You still have to do your job.

JP: What happened last year?

BR: When you lose games it means you are not stopping the run. The cause? I don’t know. We were playing well and then all of a sudden we weren’t. I don’t know the cause. You want to play better your last game then your first game.

The Carolina game, I still don’t believe it. It’s not like we got manhandled. It was just little mistakes that looked like huge mistakes. We weren’t that far off.

JP: How do you like training camp [at One Buc Palace]?

BR: I like this a lot more honestly. A lot of guys like the old school training camps. They want to get away from the dorms. I just want to see my own bed. But we have a nice hotel. I like being here in Tampa and seeing the local fans. I’m pretty happy.

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