THE PESSIMIST: The Bomb Is Ticking

July 7th, 2009

Just when you thought THE PESSIMIST was Baker Acted because Raheem the Dream picked quarterback bust-in-waiting Josh Freeman, THE PESSIMIST has returned! And he is outraged!

This whole mess about the Glazer Boys and their English kickball team is really starting to get THE PESSIMIST angry!.

THE PESSIMIST is into football; not accounting. So the financial aspect of the Bucs doesn’t get THE PESSIMIST all that worked up. And THE PESSIMIST doesn’t hate kickball (like he does golf or the non-basketball association), THE PESSIMIST is just ambivalent about it. Let the socialist countries and third world nations have it. THE PESSIMIST will take the NFL, thank you.

But it’s getting far to obvious for THE PESSIMIST to ignore that this English kickball team the Glazer Boys have is killing THE PESSIMIST’s favorite team, the Bucs. And this angers THE PESSIMIST.

Harry Philip of the UK-based Hermes Sports Partners, THE PESSIMIST assumes to be a financial expert of some sort in England, spoke to the Bleacher Report via, and explained how the river of red ink the Glazer Boys are in with their English kickball team is killing the Bucs.

“On a group basis, the debt to the hedge funds is soaking up the profits from the club playing side,” said Phililp. “That debt is a ticking time bomb that they have to pay off.”

This just irritates THE PESSIMIST to no end. Yes, THE PESSIMIST is a capitalist and is all for making a buck. But an NFL ownership group’s main priority is to win games for its team. The team wins, the team rakes in cash. It’s that simple.

If you want to be distracted with another sports team, good grief there are plenty to purchase in America. We are Americans! Our ancestors came to this country to escape the socialist EU or the other third world nations across the globe. Leave their inferior distractions alone!

We are Americans! We are better than kickball! Memo to the Glazer Boys:  stick to the NFL (or other American teams)! Unload your English kickball team. If you concentrate on the Bucs and the Bucs win, you’ll get your money back.

The Glazer Boys have no business fooling around with the sport of drug lords!

2 Responses to “THE PESSIMIST: The Bomb Is Ticking”

  1. Dan IDK Bucs 2009 Says:

    I have a better idea, unload the Bucs! Would anyone object to a sale to Eddie DeBartolo? Well, besides the NFL offices maybe.

  2. Tom Edrington Says:

    Gentlemen: It was me that addressed the “ticking time bomb” on Bleacher Report. The fact is the Glazers overpaid for Manchester United, bought it at the top, have been caught in the world global recession and now have burdensome interest only payments, not to mention balloon payments on principal coming up.

    Financing for all purchases of sports franchises has gone away due to the financial insitution crisis. Yes, THAT crisis!

    This is a simple case of robbing Peter to pay Paul, the Glazers will take profits from the Buccaneers to help float the Man U debt. That debt is already up for purchase on secondary markets starting at 70 cents on the dollar.