Sears In No Mood To Talk

July 24th, 2009

sears2Joe applauds the St. Pete Times for spending the cash to send reporter Stephen Holder to the bowels of Alabama to sniff out the truth behind starting left guard Arron Sears’ mysterious absence from the Bucs offseason.

As much as the MSM cries poverty these days, it’s a miracle Bucs fans had someone travel to crack the secret that could throw a major wrench into the offensive line, the unit many believe is the Bucs’ strongest on the field.

(Although don’t count Mark Dominik among those who think the Bucs are strongest at O-line. Remember, Dominik thinks the Bucs are most talented and deep at linebacker.)

So Sears was seen Wednesday during Holder’s trip to Alabama, apparently sitting in his car on a driveway with the window rolled up and ignoring Holder’s advances.

Sears was behind the wheel. Usually one of the most polite players on the team, he declined to lower the window or even communicate with the reporter.

Training camp starts in eight days. Sears is clearly in trouble. The Bucs still haven’t doled out any details. And the Bucs’ depth along the O-line is in serious peril.

Joe wishes Sears well.

7 Responses to “Sears In No Mood To Talk”

  1. oar Says:

    Another hole to plug in the ship?

  2. wtf? Says:

    This guy is dealing with issues and the St Pete Times sends a reporter to harass him? I am cancelling delivery today. Total invasion of privacy!

  3. Joe Says:


    Hardly an invasion of privacy. Holder never broke into his house.

    Joe himself was thinking about taking a trip to Alabama on his way to the Midwest next month for the very same reason. If the Bucs won’t say what’s wrong and Sears won’t say what’s wrong, don’t expect the fourth estate to sit by and twidle their thumbs.

    This is a major issue. One of the better lineman in the league isn’t practicing and no one says why but he’s well enough to help out his local high school practices? What’s he hiding? What are the Bucs hiding? If he has post-concussion syndrome, say so. There’s no shame in that. All kinds of athletes have that.

    Surprised it took the local MSM this long to go to Alabama.

    If the Bucs or Sears didn’t want Stephen Holder to show up at Sears’ house, they should have come clean weeks ago. Joe can assure you no one from the local MSM would have come knocking.

  4. Smooothie41 Says:

    LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worry about who’s here!!!

  5. Joe Arnold Says:

    LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!!! Worry about who’s here!!

  6. ccbubbe Says:

    last I checked he’s a signed starter and nobody said he wasn’t coming to camp. Get real, dude.

  7. MTM Says:

    Keep piling dirt on the mole hill. Sears is the least of the Buc’s problems.