Sean Payton Likes Chucky (Since He’s Gone)

July 20th, 2009
Saints coach Sean Peyton seems happy that Chucky is working for BSPN.

Saints coach Sean Payton seems happy Chucky is working for BSPN.

One of Joe’s weekly Monday morning requirements, after grooming himself and downing copious amounts of caffiene, is to read Peter King’s “Monday Morning Quarterback.”

Since he’s been on vacation of late, he’s had guest columnists take his place. This morning the guest columnist is Saints coach Sean Payton, who waxed poetic about BSPN hiring Chucky.

What a coup for ESPN to get Jon Gruden under contract for Monday Night Football. Like in the NFL, ESPN identified the player it wanted and went and got him. (And what was NFL Network thinking? You never let the player get on the plane back home without a contract!)

Having spent some time with Jon this offseason, I was reminded that his passion for our game is unchallenged, his desire and knowledge of our game is unquestioned. He will make his mark in television, just as he did every year on the sideline. In 1997, he gave me my first NFL job. I prefer him up in a television booth somewhere with a coat and tie on, but I know it’s only a matter of time until he’s back on the sidelines causing us all fits once again.

Hhhhmmm? Joe thinks that Payton is happier that the Glazer Boys fired Chucky than BSPN hiring him.

A side note on Payton: If you ever run into Joe at a watering hole or a Bucs tailgate party (Joe is thinking of hosting some “events” this season but nothing is concrete), ask Joe about his Sean Payton story. Joe went to college with Payton.

Joe cannot write about it because Joe is convinced he’d be sued, though the story is pretty harmless, if not funny as hell. Joe doesn’t need NFL lawyers hounding him.

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