Roy Miller In The Spotlight

July 29th, 2009

Want to know all about the Bucs training camp in five days? Try’s Bucs training camp page. A lot of in-depth information packed all on one page.

But the best thing Joe read on that page is who thinks will be the Bucs rookie who has the biggest impact (and it’s not quarterback bust-in-waiting Josh Freeman). 

Rookie defensive tackle Roy Miller.

With the Bucs moving away from their traditional Tampa 2 scheme, Miller, a third-round draft pick, gives the defense a much-needed presence in the middle. Though he had an up-and-down collegiate career at Texas, Miller flashed dominant ability at times and could emerge as a legitimate run stuffer.

Joe loves the Bucs third round pick without even seeing him play in pewter and red. Joe likes how this guy is a brawler inside. Though at the time Joe was hoping the Bucs would pick wide receiver/return specialist Derrick Williams out of Penn State (who went to the Lions on the very next pick), the moment Joe heard Miller’s name the first thing out of Joe’s mouth was, “This is a Jim Bates pick.”

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    I’m ready for some FOOTBALL!!!