Raheem Exposed Bucs To Controversy

July 15th, 2009

Joe briefly detailed yesterday why he thought the Bucs made a massive mistake in drafting quarterback bust-in-waiting Josh Freeman in the first round.

John Czarnecki of FoxSports.com seems to be of the same mind.  Czarnecki suggests Raheem The Dream’s Viagra-like erection over Freeman has opened the Bucs up to a quarterback controversy.

Jon Gruden was one of the game’s best offensive minds and his arrival in Tampa Bay gave that defensive-minded organization its lone Super Bowl victory. But Gruden could never produce a quarterback for the future and now the Bucs, led by 33-year-old rookie head coach Raheem Morris, have fostered a true quarterback controversy. Morris has embraced the entire deal, referring to it as a “national quarterback situation,” knowing that TV talking heads can’t get enough of what’s happening in Tampa. Heck, the Bucs recently dumped Brian Griese, a Gruden favorite, in a numbers crunch.

Morris fell in love with quarterback Josh Freeman when he coached at Kansas State in 2006 and that’s why he took him in the first round. Freeman was supposed to be a developmental guy this season, but he has performed so well in mini camps that the Bucs’ brain trust (Morris, GM Mark Dominik and Doug Williams) want to revisit Freeman’s status early in camp. Luke McCown was supposed to be the starter ($7.5 million over two years) and Byron Leftwich the backup. But everyone knows that ex-Giant Derrick Ward will be featured and new offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski wants to run.

Prediction: McCown starts, but Freeman is playing by October with Kellen Winslow helping him succeed.

This would be a disaster. As Pat Kirwan of NFL.com has pointed out, the first seven games are brutal for the Bucs. Throwing Freeman to the wolves will destroy the kid.

Better to wait until November, after the bye week, that way he won’t face the same division opponent twice and defenses won’t bury him.

9 Responses to “Raheem Exposed Bucs To Controversy”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Is there ever a good time to start a rookie QB? You never really know.
    I’m sure Joe had to start somewhere on his way to, er, greatness?

  2. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    How can it be a controversy? We have 2 below average QB’s that are being out performed by a Rookie QB who is a project. What does that tell you. If Grades were being handed out for QB’s the Bucs would get a D. In my prediction is that we can lose with any of these guys. Do what is best to make Freeman the best Qb for next year.

  3. Mr. Lucky Says:

    I find it AMAZING how people are so quick to label the current QB’s (McCown & Leftwhich) without seeing them in full pads.

    I hate to remind anyone this but even I look good throwing the football in shorts with no one in my face. Geez.

    If we look at a QB’s past performance to label Luke and Byron as “below average” then surely Freeman would be WAY below average – as compared to his peers in the Big 12.

    Wait until training camp before decisions are made.

  4. Mr. Lucky Says:

    PS – Leave the controvery stuff to Joe – he’s good at stirring it up. 😉

  5. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Are you saying that fans have not seen McCown with the browns or the games he played with the Bucs. Do you think that Leftwhich will be a better Qb because he has a worst running game then he did with the Jaguars? I have seen most of the games these two have played and coaches are saying that Freeman is looking more impressive in practices. This is why your name is Mr. Lucky and not Mr. Football knowledge.

  6. Mr. Lucky Says:

    I won’t comment on Leftwhich because the only game I watched Bryon was last year when he filled in for Big Ben and looked ok (slow but compared to Ben…)

    As for Luke playing in Cleveland – well nuff said about that.

    When Luke played for Tampa he wasn’t THAT awful – in fact Luke has shined in some of the preseason and 1-2 of the regular season games. He wasn’t criticized for his physical play but decision making as I recall.

    As for Freeman…He has the “physical tools” but if we look at the body of work at Kansas I’m NOT impressed. With the Bucs he could do great but I like competition IN PADS, under pressure.

    I mean I’m great playing Madden but I couldn’t be a head coach in the NFL – simulation and reality and much different

  7. Mr. Lucky Says:

    PS – click on that link in this article and get a chuckle out of the “other” QB contriversies – especially in Oakland and Cleveland. Go get em Jeff…

  8. J Lynch says Says:

    How about letting Greg Olson teach Mc Cown how to get rid of the ball instead of eating it or a safety near the goal line, Let Morris and his girlfriend Tito I mean Josh go on a nice vacation together dont sign a contract and just BEAT IT. Let Cowher come hereand fix this mess Gruden and Allen made Oh yeah one more thing, Morris is full of the same B.S. Gruden had… LAIR and a Jaggoff

  9. Mike Says:

    When you have 3 QBs, and it’s possible all could start, then you have NO quarterback. They need to pick one and stick with him unless or until he gets hurt or sucks so bad that you give the next one in line a shot.